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    » A message from the Head Girls 
    » A message from the Head Boys 

    Message from the Head Girls

    Year 13 Head Girl

    “When starting the Academy in 2009 as a year 7 student I would never have believed that I’d be in the position I am now, completing my GCSE’s with high grades and now in my final year of Sixth Form. Without the constant commitment and support from all staff I would have never been where I am today, which makes it an honour to have the role of Head Girl.

    From the start of my journey at the Academy, I have been able to witness the rapid developments which have had a positive affect for everyone, one of which includes the new building. This has enabled students to excel further and bring more enthusiasm through taking advantage of the new facilities and resources we have been granted with.

    Overall, the years I have spent as a student at the Academy, have helped me to develop as a person, opening doors to new opportunities. It will be very sad when my journey with the Academy comes to an end but in the meantime I will cherish the time I have left.”

    Year 12 Head Girl

    “I have been at the Academy for over 5 years now and it has improved so much since joining back in 2010. Through my journey I have made many new friends due to the pupils being friendly and welcoming. Since Year 7 I have grown so much in confidence, thanks to the support given by the teachers who helped me reach my potential in all my subjects. Teachers ran many revision sessions to help us achieve our best and this lead to me achieving amazing GCSE results which were better than I even expected. Now that the Academy has the new building, there are amazing facilities such as the Apple Macs and the 3G Sports pitch, which has enhanced the learning of students. Now I am starting my new journey in the sixth form doing my A-Levels and I am delighted to be given the Year 12 Head Girl, which has motivated me to do even better. I consider myself as an asset to AVA because I believe in team work and everyone working together.”  

    Message from the Head Boys

    Year 13 Head Boy

    “My name is Konrad and I am currently an AVA student in year 13 studying BTEC Level 3 ICT and A-Level Mathematics. After my GCSE's I decided to continue studying at AVA because the teachers here are very supportive.

    My story in AVA started in Year 11. I wasn't confident in the new school, but my new friends and the schools staff helped me to build the confidence I needed to pass my exams well and be optimistic with my plans for the future.

    I accepted the role of Head Boy as I Believe it will help shape my character for the future. This role requires me to enforce rules with my school mates. This will help me to strengthen my communication and speech skills, so when I am faced in new challenges it will allow me to be more comfortable talking to new people.

    As a Head Boy I have more responsibilities than normal students, which will allow me to learn how to handle the pressure of having duties.” 

    Year 12 Head Boy

    “I have been at the Aylesbury Vale Academy for a little over 5 years now and it has been an experience for me. I joined as a Year 7 and it had not long become the Aylesbury Vale Academy. It looked immensely intimidating and I was clueless of how I was going to go about my time here, but the teachers here have taught me how to make decisions for myself as well as contributing towards the knowledge I have built up over the years. I have been taught how to be independent and make myself the person I have become today. So, now in my first of two years as a sixth former here, I can comfortably perform and study well to benefit my future.”

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