Behaviour Review

This week we welcomed the Director for Education for the Diocese of Oxford - an ex-Head Teacher – in to the school to review the behaviour and attitudes of our students and the impact of our school values.

Throughout the year we invite various individuals from the local authority or educational consultants to review the work the school does. This is a very important process because we always need to find ways to improve.

You should feel very proud of your children because they represented the school exceptionally well. He saw very high standards of student uniform, high levels of engagement in lessons and tutor time and orderly conduct throughout the school. Considering we are a secondary school of 1300 students, this was very encouraging. The Director for Education spoke to staff and, more importantly, students. The students were very strong with their views, but showed their pride in AVA and how supported they feel.

Despite this feedback, we are restless in our desire to improve further and would welcome your feedback too.

We have recently shared the Parent View link for you to give us your views and we look forward to hearing from you.