Anti-Bullying Training Day

The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassador Training Day

On the 6th of December, the anti-bullying team were invited to ambassador training where we studied the meaning, the cause and the effect of bullying. There are different forms of bullying happening inside and outside of schools across the country and we looked at how it changes one person's life instantly. 

During the event we took part in an opening activity which was a game of ‘would you rather’. This helped us to get ready for the day and know more about what we would be covering. We also did another activity where we interacted with different schools by writing compliments about them. Personally, this was one of my favourite activities because we were able to talk to them and find out what they do as a school to stop bullying happening. By writing compliments about each other we proved that one compliment can put a smile on someone’s face. Additionally, we did few role plays based on bullying and what it is like to be bullied constantly. Not only did we learn about what bullying means but also the sudden changes that a bully can bring into their lives. 

As the day was fast moving, we completed a booklet which was about, what an Anti-bullying Ambassador will want to do and how important it is for us. The book-let gave information about how to stay safe online and what to do if someone is being bullied. For example, tell a trusted adult, don’t fight back (physically, or verbally) remain calm, keep on telling or speaking out to people who can support you and many more. These different forms were then passed onto students as it would direct them what to do. Towards the end we all chose a leader that will represent Aylesbury Vale Academy which was Miruthigaa Jayakumar who will be representing the school. As a leader I presented the different campaign ideas that we will be doing throughout the year. This will be one form of spreading aware-ness. 

Overall, the Anti-Bullying training was an amazing opportunity to find out more about bullying and what we as school can do to pre-vent such problems occurring. The day was fun and interactive when completing a range of activities such as writing compliments for each other, role plays that rep-resent bullying and the different solutions. This opportunity taught me what I can do and how to help other students when they need support. It also taught me that one compliment can put a smile on someone's face. 

By: Miruthigaa Jayakummar, Year 12