Year 9 Trip

Year 9 Trip to Waddesdon Manor.

The year 9s went on a school trip to Waddesdon Manor where they had a tour of the house and the grounds, visited the rose garden and the aviary. Students were given a historical talk of the house and grounds and learned about the Rothschild Family. 

Along with the historical view, students were expected to plan and present their ideas of three things they would add or change to Waddesdon Manor. The students came up with fantastic ideas such as:

  • Making the tour more interactive with QR codes to scan around the grounds and in each room of the house to learn more.
  • To improve social media and do competitions where free entries can be won or a prize such as 'afternoon tea' or discount at the cafe.
  • Interactive games for the younger generation.
  • More dog bins located around the grounds to promote dog walking. 
  • Have an audible tour with headphones to learn more about the grounds and house.
  • Have a maze on the grounds for the younger generation. 

The students also learned about the different jobs within Waddesdon Manor and explored ways to achieve said jobs (qualifications needed). Students were intrigued to learn about the variety of jobs at the establishment and were excited to explore more.

The students represented the school fantastically and had a fantastic day!