Academy Staff

Primary Staff 

School Leadership Team

Miss Sarah Luton Acting Head of School
Ms Ally Morgan Acting Deputy Head of School
Mrs Claire Heale Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion and Community)
Miss Lucinda Geliot Early Years Leader
Mrs Laura James Key Stage One Leader

Teaching Team

Mrs Angela Brown Nursery
Miss Lucinda Geliot
Mrs Julie Madry
Mrs Olwen Bennett
Miss Jo Parry
Year 1

Miss Cristina Gonzalez

Miss Natalie Healy
Mr Jason Mayhew

Year 2

Mrs Jane Gray
Mrs Anna Deans

Miss Katy Judge

Year 3

Miss Louise Granville

Mrs Johanne Platt

Year 4

Miss Catherine Churchill

Miss Natalie Lamb

Year 5
Mrs Felicity Stewart Year 6

Mrs Claire Heale

Mrs Laura James
Miss Miriam Jannetta

Mrs Sue Longmate
Mrs Grace Price

Working across the school

Learning Support Team

Miss Chloe Barber
Miss Karen Hallahan
Miss Maria Iftikhar
Mrs Judy Kent (BerryBeebies Leader)
Miss Marie Nicholls
Mrs Tara Bowles
Mrs Hazel Minett
Mrs Jacqui Brooks
Mrs Janet Morris
Year 1

Mrs Tiffany Matthews

Mrs Anna Nicholls
Miss Maryam Shafi

Year 2

Mr Matthew Braybrook

Mrs Jo Kiddle

Year 3
Mrs Lucy Doherty
Mr James Trundley
Year 4

Mrs Sandra Griffin

Miss Domenique Schembri

Year 5
Mrs Helen Heal Year 6

Miss Chloe Barber
Mrs Alison Benson

Mrs Dawn Cox

Mr Daniel Eggleton

Miss Kayleigh Elton
Miss Steph Evans
Mr David Hodges
Miss Lisa Johnson
Mrs Janice Matton
Mrs Amanda Nicholls

Mrs Belma Soutter
Miss Nikki Thomas
Mrs Sian Thomas

Individualised Support

School Business Team

Ms Gill Carter Headteacher's PA and School Office Manager
Mrs Alesha Doyle Receptionist and Administrative Assistant
Mrs Emma Scanlan Administrative Assistant
Miss Jo Withers Home School Link Worker
Mrs Tara Bowles BerryPlay Leader
Mrs Kat Upton Play Worker and Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Dawn Cox
Miss Lisa Johnson
Lunchtime Supervisor


Rev Gareth Lane Chaplain

Secondary Staff 


Mr K Ahmed

Assistant Principal/Curriculum Leader - Maths
Mr C Cross Teacher of Maths
Miss A Lutchi Teacher of Maths
Miss N Wignall Teacher of Maths
Miss E Smith Teacher of Maths
Mrs M De Alwis Teacher of Maths
Mrs E Price Teacher of Maths
Mrs S White-Vassell Teacher of Maths
Miss S Hussain Teacher of Maths
Mr A Brown Teacher of Maths


Mr R Cooper

Assistant Principal/Curriculum Leader - English
Mr G Gibson Vice Principal - English
Miss E Kitter Assistant Principal/English
Mrs J Thomas Teacher of English
Mr P Walker Teacher of English
Miss D Clohessy Teacher of English
Miss M O'Loughlin Teacher of English
Mrs L Henry-Cross Teacher of English
Mrs H Lamberti Teacher of English


Miss C Dadson

Curriculum Leader - Art
Miss N Walsh Teacher of Art


Mrs P Sharma

Curriculum Leader - DT
Mr M Froment Teacher of DT
Mr D Anandavasagar Teacher of DT
Miss S Adrenele Teacher of DT


Mrs C Kirk

Associate Assistant Principal/Curriculum Leader - Science
Mr A West Assistant Principal/Science
Miss K Pinnock Teacher of Science
Mr N Mcconnell Teacher of Science
Dr D Gautam Teacher of Science
Mrs N Grant Teacher of Science
Mrs E McKenzie-Scarlett Teacher of Science
Miss K Wilson Teacher of Science
Miss S Campbell Teacher of Science
Mr A Robertson Teacher of Science


Miss L Fuller

Curriculum Leader - PE
Mr E Hemming Teacher of PE
Mr T Verity Teacher of PE

Miss J Gibbs

Assistant Principal/Achievement Director Year 11/PE


Mr A Iniaghe Subject Leader of Business Studies
Mr E Constantine-Cort Teacher of Business Studies
Miss N Liban Subject Leader of ICT
Miss V Carr Teacher of ICT


Mrs T Thompson Teacher of MFL
Miss I Ferrer-Molina Teacher of MFL
Miss M Perez Teacher of MFL


Mr C Hallam

Curriculum Leader - Performing Arts
Miss J Kissick Teacher of Performing Arts
Miss P Leathers Teacher of Performing Arts  
Miss K Marshall Teacher of Performing Arts/English  
Miss L Barrett Teacher of Performing Arts/English


Mr K Thomas

Curriculum Leader - Humanities

Mrs S Moore

Subject Leader, RS/AD Year 10
Mrs N Bowley SENDCO/Teacher of RS
Mrs B Nee Teacher of History
  Teacher of History

Mrs K Briggs

Associate Assistant Principal/Curriculum Leader - Geography
Mr P Trieu Teacher of Geography
Mr T Rolin Teacher of Geography
Mrs A Smyth Teacher of Geography


Mrs R Leach

Curriculum Leader - Media
Mrs L Hallam Teacher of Media

Secondary Non-Teaching Staff 


Mrs V Crumpton Cover Supervisor
Mrs N Verksaite-Horwood Cover Supervisor

Mr N O'Leary

Cover Supervisor/AD Year 7
Miss C Wise Cover Supervisor
Mrs S Marshall Cover Supervisor


Ms S Dutson

Acting SENDCO/AD Year 10
Miss S Bibi Learning Support Assistant
Mrs B Blackstock Learning Support Assistant

Ms H Bryant

LSA/AD Year 9
Mrs M Chambers Learning Support Assistant
Mrs K Creser Learning Support Assistant
Ms L Gannon Learning Support Assistant
Miss L Garvie Learning Support Assistant
Mrs V Lipson Learning Support Assistant
Mrs S Rhode-Patterson Learning Support Assistant
Mrs S Wright Learning Support Assistant
Miss K Eaglestone Learning Support Assistant
Mr M Beach Learning Support Assistant
Mrs I Brown Learning Support Assistant
Mrs S Marke Learning Support Assistant
Mrs D Collins Learning Support Assistant
Mrs D Campbell SEN Admin


Ms L Freshwater Year 11 and Post-16
Mrs B Steedman Year 8
Ms T Toohey Year 7 and Year 6 Transition
Ms N Street Year 10

Mrs  A Lloyd

AD Year 8
Mrs L Smith Year 7


Mrs E Perrin Executive Assistant to Principal


Miss G Lambourne Performance Data Manager
Miss S Collins Exams Officer and Data Assistant
Mrs J Lovejoy Timetable and Cover Officer


Mr H Copas Finance Director
Mrs E Bowman Finance Assistant
Mrs A Haynes Finance Assistant 


Mr J Brett Groundsman
Mrs T Sutton AVA Receptionist
Mrs K Bedford AVA Receptionist


Mr A Cluett Librarian
Mrs M Kirkham Child Protection Officer
Mrs S Moore School Counsellor
Miss S Porter Medical Support Officer


Mrs A Parsons Science Technician
Mrs R Law Science Technician
Mrs H Voigt DT Technician
Mrs T Edmonds DT Technician


Mr D Cox IT Systems Leader
Mr D Miller Senior ICT Technician


Mr T Dean Media Resources Manager