Berryfields Primary School Wrap Around Care information and conditions.

General Information 

The Aylesbury Vale Academy Primary

Before & After School Clubs


Offering a safe, caring and friendly environment for children after school hours.

After School Club open Monday to Friday during term time

BerryBrek £3.00 per session – 7.40am-8.40am

Berrylate £2.00 per session - 3.10pm-4.00pm

BerryPlay £9.50 per session - 3.10pm – 6.00pm

Prices apply from September 2018 and remain amongst the lowest in Aylesbury for wrap around care.

A sibling discount of 10% is available for the 2nd,3rd and 4th child

The club is run by qualified childcare practioners that possess up to date DBS, Paediatric first aid and safeguarding certificates.

The After School club will provide the children with a vast range of activities to enjoy and extend their learning experiences, including arts & crafts, sports, games, homework club, Lego and role play to name a few. These well planned activities will bring out their creative & innovative side whilst providing a safe and friendly environment, ensuring that the welfare and needs of each child are met.

Before School Breakfast

Children attending Berrybrek sessions are provided with a range of items including cereal, toast, muffins, crumpets, pancakes, milk and juice.

After School Light Tea available

For children attending Berryplay, light tea is served ranging from Beans on Toast to Sandwiches and Hot Dogs.  Children are also given fresh fruit, milk and water.

Admission procedures and bookings

If you wish your child to attend the club you will need to complete an online registration form and make your bookings using:


Spaces are limited for every session.  User instructions are provided at the end of this leaflet.  Using the online system parents can make bookings, pay for the sessions and provide all necessary information, such as medical information, contact numbers and addresses.   Terms and Conditions for use of the Wrap Around Care (Berrycare) are attached to this leaflet and cover arrangements for cancellation, booking deadlines and refunds. 


If your child needs to take any medicines while at the club, please complete the appropriate form, available from the Play Workers or the school office.

Age range of eligible children

Children of primary school age, from Reception to Year 6, are welcome to come to Berrycare.

Can I collect my child before 6.00pm?

You can collect your child from After School Club at any time between 3.45pm and 6.00pm. They will miss their tea if they are collected before 4.00pm.  

How long will tea be served for?

Tea will be served between 4.00pm and 4.30pm

Can I send my child to After School Club without notice?

Unfortunately we are unable to accept children at the After School Club without notice or pre-booking as per the terms and conditions. This is to ensure that the club does not exceed the limit of children.

Are you able to cater for specific dietary needs?

We will discuss all dietary needs with parents and will endeavour to cater to meet these.

Contact details:

The Aylesbury Vale Academy Primary

John Fitzjohn Avenue


Bucks, HP18 0FG

Telephone: 01296 674263

Email: berryfieldsprimary@theacademy.me

For any queries regarding the online booking and payments system Telephone 01296 674188

Email: berrycare@theacademy.me

Terms and Conditions 

Berryfields Primary School Wrap Around Care

The following terms and conditions relate to the use of before and after-school childcare provision at Berryfields Church of England Primary School (part of the Aylesbury Vale Academy). 

Registration, Booking and Payment

1.    Registration for all wrap around care (Berrybrek, Berrylate and Berryplay) will be via the new online booking system “Childcare Online Booking System” using the internet links provided.

2.    Places for each session are strictly limited on a first come first served basis.  This includes the availability of spaces which may arise through a cancellation.

3.    All sessions must be paid for in advance at the time of booking using the new online system and you may book up to one term in advance.  Payments can continue to be made by credit/debit card or by means of childcare vouchers or the new government Tax Free Childcare Scheme.

4.    Sessions can be cancelled on the online booking system up to one week in advance of the booking.  The payment previously made for a booking will be carried forward to future bookings.

5.    Any credit balances remaining at the end of each term may be refunded on request to the academy Finance Department (Ring 01296 674188 or email ahaynes@theacademy.me)

6.    Sessions can be booked on the online system up until 12 PM of the day of the session in the case of Berrylate and Berryplay and by 2PM on the day preceding Berrybrek.

7.    Parents/carers must ensure that all registration details on the online booking system are accurate and up-to-date.

8.    Please note, we are unable to refund payment for bookings when a child is absent.

Attendance and Safeguarding

9.    If a child is unable to attend a session, parents must notify the BerryCare Leader by telephoning the school office or via email berryfieldsprimary@theacademy.me

10.    In order to ensure that children are safely admitted and dismissed, they should be dropped-off and collected from the side doors of the school hall (accessed via the grey metal gates).  Children should not enter or exit via the main school entrance unless directed to do so by school staff.

11.    BerryBrek (breakfast club) commences at 7.40am and children may arrive at any time from 7:40am.  Parents must stay with their child to ensure that they have been handed into the care of BerryBrek staff.  Children should arrive before 8.10am if they wish to have breakfast.  It is not possible to serve breakfast after this time.  Children will be escorted to class in time for the start of the school day.

12.    BerryLate (upto 4pm) & BerryPlay (upto 6pm) after-school clubs start at the end of the school day.  Children will be escorted from class to the school hall.  Tea will be served between 4:15 to 4:45pm.  

13.    Pupils attending BerryLate must be collected by 4pm and those attending BerryPlay may be collected at any time before 6pm.  We advise parents to avoid collecting during the tea service (4:15 to 4:45pm).

14.    An authorised adult must sign the attendee out of both after-school clubs when they collect.

15.    Parents/carers agree to abide by the late collection policy as follows: Parents/carers who collect their child after the stated session times will incur a late collection charge of £5.00 per 10 minutes. Parent/carers must complete a late collection agreement on collecting their child. Parents/carers agree to pay this charge before their child continues to attend any extended school services.

16.    The Breakfast Club and After School clubs will not run on days that the school is closed to pupils.  The after-school clubs will not run on days when the school closes early (such as the end of the Summer term).  Where the school is closed for reasons beyond its control such as snow days or due to other external factors, no credit will be made against payment for that session.  Where a session is otherwise credited to the online booking system account, this credit will simply carry forward to future sessions subject to Point 5 above.

Provision, Policies and Procedures

18.    Through BerryCare, the school provides additional childcare outside normal school hours consistent with the school’s vision and aims.  As such, all school policies and procedures apply to staff, pupils and parents as they would during the normal school day.     

19.    BerryCare Staff aim to provide a safe, stimulating and happy environment for all children. BerryCare staff reserve the right to exclude any child whose behaviour is disruptive, following the schools behaviour policy.

20.    We endeavour to provide a high quality service to children and will seek feedback from parents/carers from time to time.  Parents should address any concerns to the BerryCare staff as they arise, and should contact the BerryCare Leader, should they not be easily resolved. Where concerns remain unresolved, parents should follow the school’s complaints procedure.

Late Collection Policy

It is critical that children are collected on time from BerryLate and BerryPlay, as adult-child ratios are carefully managed and because salaries are funded entirely by income from childcare fees. Children must be collected by the time stated below:

BerryLate - 4pm                BerryPlay - 6pm

When completing a booking, Parents/Carers agree to make appropriate arrangements for their child to be collected at the stated finish time.  Late collection after this time will be charged at a rate of £5 per 10 minutes, per child.

Parents/Carers must appoint a responsible person to collect their child and those responsible persons must be named on the registration details.  It is parents/carers responsibility to ensure those authorised to collect children understand the importance of collecting the child on time.  Children will only be dismissed to the responsible adults named in our records.  Any confusion which leads to the child remaining in the schools supervision will result in the late fee being charged.

Should a parent be unavoidably delayed and be unable to collect on time, they should call the BerryPLay direct line 01296 674251.  Staff will then be able to reassure the child concerned about arrangements for their collection and support as necessary.

If a child is collected late without notice or extenuating circumstance; parents/carers will be reminded of the late collection policy and asked to sign a late collection agreement. The school office will automatically process a late payment charge through ParentPay.

On the second occasion that a child is collected late parents/carers will be reminded of the late collection policy and asked to sign a late collection agreement. The school office will automatically contact parents/carers regarding late fee payment and the BerryCare Leader will contact parents/carers to discuss how future late collection can be avoided.  Further late collection may result in a parent’s booking being cancelled.

Guidelines for New Users

The Childcare on-line Booking (CoB) System - Parents User Guide

The following guide is designed to help parents/carers create an account to register on the new CoB System; create a user profile and book child(ren) onto BerryCare sessions using the online booking system.

Registering your details on CoB (Parent/Carer)

Visit the CoB System: https://aylesbury-vale-academy.childcare-online-booking.co.uk/

Complete the Registration Form (boxes marked * are mandatory)

Once you have completed these details, click ‘Next’ and the system will create a user account for you. Details of your password will be sent to the email address supplied (NOTE: you may need to check your junk/spam file for the confirmation)

Create your user profile

Once you have registered and received a password, when logging in to CoB it will display your dashboard:

To start, you will need to:

  1. Update your account details (your Password can be changed here)
  2. Add / edit emergency contacts
  3. Add the child / children you are wanting to register for BerryCare
  4. Add any authorised collectors, eg grandparents, auntie, etc

Book your children onto BerryBrek, BerryLate or BerryPlay

You can access the Bookings via the menu option Booking, or when in Your Dashboard click on Book Now! on the left hand side.

Select your child’s name or the option ‘Both/All Children’ option if you wish to book your children onto the same session.

Select the Location, Club and Term / Holiday

Sessions to select for booking will then be displayed:Click on the sessions required and a green tick will appear over the date/session(s) selected.  You may then Add to basket

The sessions chosen will be listed (by child/date/session) with any discounts for subsequent siblings applied.  If there are errors in the selection, click Empty Basket to start again, or Return to bookings to make amendments.

If the selection shown in the basket is correct, payment choice needs to be confirmed; payment is to be made via PayPal using either a debit/credit card or PayPal account.  Childcare Vouchers are also accepted (choose this option under Other Payment Options)

Note if any credits are on the account from previous cancellation on sessions, or due to a carried forward credit balance on your account, this will show and alter the amount due.  If payments are still outstanding, eg late collection fees, these will automatically be added to the amount due.

Clicking on the PayPal option will take you through to the PayPal screen to complete the transaction, and confirmation of your payment will then be emailed to you, along with details of the sessions booked.  These can also be viewed via Your Dashboard, which will also show at first glance an Account Statement and reminder of any Outstanding Vouchers / payments due, should you have chosen the option to pay via childcare vouchers.