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About Us

Normal life in our country today would clearly not be possible without businesses.

Business studies therefore employs an analytical, evaluative and investigative approach to the subject. It gives students the skills and knowledge to understand how businesses are set up and managed.

Business studies lesson explodes into life with:

  • Animated presentation which facilitates students’ understanding of key examination techniques
  • Interactive and fun activities  with lively exercises that seek to introduce and reinforce key concepts
  • Short video case studies and supporting worksheets which seek to illustrate key concepts as well as giving students ideas for integrating the video into lessons

Studying Business allows students to make informed decisions about further learning opportunities.  Students taking the BTEC First in Business level 2 can progress to BTEC National level 3 in Business which can lead to a number of Business and Economics related degree courses. Students can further progress into degree courses in related business subjects as well as many  other social science courses.

Careers for Business students include:

Accountant, Financial Analyst, Store/Area Manager, Operations Graduate, Investment Banker, Fund Analyst, Broker, Risk Analyst, Corporate Markets Graduate, Assistant Brand Manager, Trainee Buyer, Business Operations Graduate, Management Consultant, Business Analyst, Store Development Trainee, Human Resource Manager, Fraud Strategist. 

The Business Studies Team

Curriculum Leader - Mr A Iniaghe 

 Mr Iniaghe

"My ambition is to “unleash” the capacity to learn in every student that I may teach so that  they would be “switched-on” to learning. The resultant effect of this is that, there will be an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment primarily on the  part of the student as well as that of the teacher. I believe that business studies is a superb platform for doing this".

Teacher of Business Studies: Mr E Constantine-Cort 

"I believe Business Studies is a great subject to study at The Aylesbury Vale Academy. I feel it prepares students for the world of work and gives them the tools and understanding to deal with the modern world. I am a firm believer that students learn by doing".


Teacher of Business Studies: Mrs P Marina

"After completing a Degree in Business Administration with the University of South Africa Mrs Marina completed a Post Graduate Certificate in teaching specialising in Business studies. I have a particular passion for equipping young learners with the skills to better themselves in the area of business and setting them up to become successful entrepreneurs".


Key Stage 4

BTEC Tech Award in Enterprise - Level 1 / Level 2

First teaching September 2018 / First certification July 2020

 The course is made up of three components. Two of these are internally assessed and one externally assessed. The  three-block structure (Exploring, Developing and Application) would allow students to build on and embed their knowledge, grow in confidence and then put into practice what they have learnt.

The course would be done over a three year period

Year 9

Introduction to basic concepts - an overview of the course

Year 10

Unit 1- Exploring Enterprises

Which comprises of internally assessed assignments and contributing to a 30% of the total course. Students will have the opportunity to examine the characteristics of enterprises, exploring how enterprises meets customers’ needs and investigating the factors that contribute to the success of an enterprise.

Year 11

Unit 2 - Planning for and Pitching an Enterprise Activity

Which comprises of internally assessed assignments and also contributing to a 30% of the total course. The focal points would include  exploring ideas to plan for a micro-enterprise activity, pitching a micro-enterprise activity and reviewing own pitch for a micro-enterprise activity.

Unit 3 - Promotion and Finance for Enterprise 

This is an externally assessed task and contributes to a 40% of the total course. This unit is an examined unit, students will have one opportunity to re-sit. Key emphasis will be on promotion, financial records, financial planning and forecasting.

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