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Latest News

September 2020 - Phased Return

Academy Re-Opening Guide for Parents and Carers - Primary

Academy Re-Opening Guide for Parents and Carers - Secondary

In particular, parents and carers please note the following with regards to equipment:


In order to minimise the risk of transmission, we will expect every student to arrive at school with their own equipment. Students must not share their own equipment with anyone else. It is essential that every student carry the following each day: 

  • An appropriate bag 
  • Water bottle (they will not be permitted to use the water fountains) 
  • Planner (issued on the first day) 
  • Pens 
  • Pencils 
  • Eraser 
  • Ruler 
  • Glue Stick 
  • Highlighters 
  • Exercise books/Folders/text books for your lessons (students will be instructed if they are allowed to leave these items in school) 
  • Scientific Calculator 

The following items are also desirable: 

  • Coloured pencils 
  • Dictionary 
  • A pair of compasses
  • Protractor 
  • Pencil Sharpener 

We advise that students have a pencil case for all their equipment and that this is labelled with their name and year group. All other specialist school equipment will be cleaned thoroughly where it is shared by different groups. This will involve the cleaning team using a range of processes to keep identified equipment clean.

Returning to School After Lockdown Kooth’s Tips and Advice for students

EYFS Welcome Information

The Aylesbury Vale Academy would like to invite families of Early Years Foundation Stage children, who will be joining us in September, to review resources that we have been busy collating and hope will help you and your child get to know the school.

Please click on the link here to access our welcome pack for all EYFS children.

Home Learning during Lockdown

As from Monday 4 May 2020, home learning activities and resources for children in Nursery through to Year 6 will be posted in the Primary Home Learning section of this website (here). 

Activities and resources will be published every Monday and parents/carers will receive an email with a link to this page. To access, click on the applicable year group 'Home Learning' link.

Children in Year 5 and Year 6 will continue to be set work via the Show My Homework platform and parents will still receive a weekly email. A copy of the content of the email can be found in the Home Learning section (here).

Letters for Parents/Carers

School Premises Risk Assessment Additional Hazards - as from 9 Nov 2020

Letter from Buckinghamshire Council - 29 June 2020

CBA - Parent and Carer Letter - 12.06.20

GGI - Year 10 - 09.06.20

GGI - Year 11 - 28.05.20

CBA - School Re-Opening Following COVID-19 Closure - 20.05.20

GGI - School Re-Opening Following COVID-19 Closure - 20.05.20

Government Announcement Regarding Re-Opening of Schools on 01 June - 13 May 2020

Parent/Carer Update - 20 April 2020

Using Health Care Services During Covid-19 - 17 April 2020

Free School Meals (National Supermarket Voucher Scheme) - 8 April 2020

Letter to Year Parent/Carers - Year 11 GCSE Examinations - 3 April 2020 

Free School Meals - 1 April 2020

Letter for Parents/Carers (1) - 24 March 2020

Parent Bulletins

Parent Bulletin (13) - 29 June 2020

Parent Bulletin (12) - (emailed to parents/carers)

Parent Bulletin (11) - 17 June 2020

Parent Bulletin (10) - 8 June 2020

Parent Bulletin (9) - 1 June 2020

Parent Bulletin (8) - 25 May 2020

Parent Bulletin (7) - 11 May 2020

Parent Bulletin (6) - 04 May 2020

Parent Bulletin (5) - 22 April 2020

Parent Bulletin (4) - 3  April 2020

Parent Bulletin (3) - 26 March 2020

Parent Bulletin (2) - 19 March 2020

Parent Bulletin (1) - 17 March 2020

Remote Learning Resources

Click here for a comprehensive list of online resources for all primary and secondary students.

Apps to help with Remote Learning

Useful Resources/Information

Coming Back to School in a Bubble - A useful book created to help ease the anxieties of children everywhere who are returning to school in a bubble.

Well Being Calendar

Birkbeck University - Birkbeck Inspires

This website offers a series of resources designed to support families throughout these challenging times.

Kooth - 5 Steps to Wellbeing Interactive Activities

When You Are Worried

Educational and Fitness Resources for Families at Home.

General Well-Being Pack

Bucks County Council - Latest COVID-19 Advice for SEND

Useful Support & Advice Telephone Numbers

Covid-19 Advice from the NHS

Early Years (0-5) Guide and Support:

University of Chichester have created an excellent, free, downloadable Parents' Guide on promoting Early Learning and Development at Home (0 - 5 years) during the lock down. Click here.

Parent Guides - Mindset by Natalie Costa

SEND Support - Resources/Information

SEND Support for Parents

Make Peace with Uncertainty

Living with worry and anxiety amidst global uncertainty

Makaton Signing - My School is Closed

Makaton Signing - My School is Closed (a great clear social story YouTube video)

A Family Guide to Learning at Home and in the Community - Downloadable Books

CAMHS - Useful Information

Early Years - SEND Advice and Consultations Bucks Council

Why We Stay Home (an excellent story book for younger, Early Years, children.)


ASDAN have made a range of resources available free of charge to the guardians of students at ASDAN centres.

Please click on link (name above) to gain access to at range of materials including resources such as (though not limited to) transition, employability and animal care.

ELSA Support:

Resources include:

  • ‘Health and wellbeing during the Coronavirus outbreak’
  • ‘Someone I know has Coronavirus story’
  • ‘Home and School Coronavirus resource pack’
  • ‘Social Contact Story’
  • ‘Coronavirus Story for children’
  • ‘Coronavirus 14 day self isolation activities’

Includes a dedicated section for Coronavirus support, providing free resources for teaching staff and parents to help children cope with the current viral outbreak.

Red Cross Resources

Safe and active at home

First aid at home

Kindness and coping 

A history of kindness study plan

Living together with kindness study plan

Messages of kindness study plan

Power of kindness calendar

Stories of resilience study plan

The Red Cross needs you colouring sheet