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Exam Key Dates

Mock Exams - wc 29th November 2021

Mock exams start Monday 29th November morning with Science being the first exam. Students need to arrive on time to school so they can get prepared for the mocks. These exams are important for the students as the grades they receive will be the ones they need to enter on their future pathway application forms, such as A Levels, college courses and apprenticeships. Subjects are preparing the students for the mock exams, making sure lessons have subject-specific content that they will need for the mocks. All students will receive their mock results during the mock results day on Friday 14th January. After students receive their results Study Higher will be in to talk to the students about their future options. 

Revision Guidance

Over the weekend talk to your child about the upcoming mocks. Remind them of the following:

  • Revision does not need to be reading a book. All students have access to where they can access revision podcasts. 
  • All students were given flashcards earlier in the week, they can use these to make revision notes. Encourage them to write 7 points about the topic on each card. 
  • Tell them it is OK to feel nervous about the exams. 
  • Remind them they need to have rest breaks as well. 

Useful Exam Documents

Click on the following links to download: