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Thursday 31 January 2019 | AVA vs Waddesdon

Year 7 

Well done to the year 7 netball team who came away champs against Waddesdon. The girls worked very hard and showed huge improvements throughout each quarter. The game was dominated by AVA who lead each quarter to finish with an 8-2 win. Olimpia scored 7 of the 8 points with Jess scoring 1. Some fantastic individual performances, but most importantly a huge team performance to bring home the victory. Player of the match was awarded to the super scorer, Olimpia. This was the girls first win of the league and it was very much deserved, well done!

Tuesday 29 January 2019 | AVA vs Waddesdon

Year 9 

The year 9 were victorious in their Netball fixture against Waddesdon. The score was close through all 4 quarters, but AVA continued to fight to win with a strong 10-7 lead. Points scored from Sarka and Pati. AVA battled hard and looked a strong side completing consecutive effective passes and some fantastic defensive blocks and interceptions.

Congrats to Sarka for receiving the well deserved player of the match, although the decision was made difficult due to so many brilliant performances.


Thursday 22 November 2018 | AVA vs Sir Thomas Fremantle

Year 7 

The AVA girls unfortunately lost 5-2, but fought through the cold conditions to finish the game with high spirits. Goals both scored by Lily Wharton. The player of the match went to Jessica Brown, who started out on pitch and then went in goal and made some fantastic saves!


Year 9

The AVA girls drew 3-3, goals from Fiona, Casey-May, Selma and Khadijah. Player of the match went to Katie Norman. The girls played some great football and dealt with all the pressure that lead to the draw.




AVA v John Colet: Won 2-1

Year 7

AVA v Highcrest County Cup: Won 1-0 / AVA v John Colet: Lost 2-1

Year 8

AVA v John Colet: Lost 4-0  / AVA v John Hampden Grammar County Cup: Lost 6-1

Year 9

AVA v Highcrest: Won 6-4    

Year 10

AVA V John Colet: Lost 6-1 / AVA V Highcrest County Cup: Lost 0-5

Congratulations to all the teams so far! It has been fantastic to see so many students representing the school and showing such great sportsmanship and team spirit.