Key Stage 1

From Year 1, pupils follow National Curriculum.  This sets out what children should learn and the standards they should reach throughout school from Year 1 to Year 11 when they will take their GCSEs.  Children will generally make the transition from the Early Years Framework to the National Curriculum in the first term of Year 1 and, as well as engaging in focused learning activities several times a day, will still have planned opportunities to choose what they do and to move freely from one activity to the next at their own pace.  This provides them with the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in their learning and to further develop their enquiry skills and thirst for new knowledge and skills.  

The balance of child initiated and more formally taught activity will usually shift throughout Year 1 and into Year 2 as children develop the skills to access more conventional styles of learning and as their independent reading and writing skills develop.  Much of the curriculum at Berryfields is integrated through an overall topic or theme.  This helps the children to apply and make sense of their learning and to make connections between different subjects, whilst constantly reinforcing and practising key skills, such as reading, writing and numeracy taught in their daily mathematics, literacy, mathematics and phonics sessions.  The school follows the Read Write Inc phonics scheme,  working in groups tailored to each child's ability whihc are sometimes mixed-age across Years 1 and 2. 

Long-term curriculum plans are available below and more information about topics is published on a half-termly basis in our currciculum newsletter available from the Communication and Newsletters page.  Details about the end of year expectations for Key Stage 1 and how to support your child in phonics and other areas of learning are available from our Support for Parents page.