Moving into Year 3

Transition Day 2020 for children moving into Year 3

We can’t wait to have you all in Year 3! We have set a few tasks for us to get to know you better and get ready for Year 3. Choose which activities you would like to do and send in what you get up to at 

Activity 1 

Write us a letter/ make a poster all about you- we would like you to tell us: 

  • 3 interesting things about you 
  • 3 things you love to do 
  • Your favourite lessons and why 
  • 3 questions/worries you have about Year 3 

Activity 2

What is your superhero identity! Complete the activity sheet. Maybe you could add a photo with you being a superhero! 

Activity 3

What is your favourite book to read? Draw the front cover or make up your own front cover and send in to decorate our book corner! 

Activity 4

Design our class logo, what would it include? 

We are really looking forward to seeing you all in September, we have lots of exciting things planned for Year 3!! 

Have a great summer, 

Miss Granville and Mrs Lee