Moving into Year 5

Transition Day 2020 for children moving into Year 5

Good morning Future Year 5!

We are very disappointed not to be meeting you all face-to-face, but we hope you enjoy the activities we've planned for you! Hopefully they will help us learn a little more about you before we meet properly in September!

We have set 2 activities - we would love for you to do both, but if you only spend time on one, that's OK too:

Activity 1

All About Me - there is an attachment which models an All About Me sheet. You can print this out, but we would really like you to design your own, using the information on the sheet as a guide. You can be as creative as you like - paints, colouring pens, glitter, computer... you decide! Just make sure you tell us about yourself!

Activity 2

This is going to be MY year - have you ever heard of Kid President? Watch some of the videos linked into the document and make your own video telling us why Year 5 is going to be YOUR year - you can create your video in the style of Kid President, or in your own style... it's up to you!

Your completed activities can be sent to us at:

We can't wait to see what you do!

Future Year 5, we are so excited about September, and we hope you are too! We have great topics which we hope you will enjoy (we've enjoyed planning them) - we hope that WE can make your Year 5 awesome! 

Stay safe and be kind, always!

Mrs Foulger and Mrs Tucker