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About Us

Our aim is to:  

  • Stimulate and maintain student interest and enjoyment in Performing Arts.
  • Nurture creativity and talents in all students.
  • To create an atmosphere where students are challenged and feel able to achieve a high standard of work.
  • To develop confidence and self-esteem in all students.
  • Teach students a body of knowledge, styles, skills, techniques and vocabulary related to Performing Arts.
  • Develop an awareness and appreciation in students of the Performing Arts in a variety of cultures and traditions.
  • Enable students to work independently and as part of a team in varied activities.
  • Ensure students make good progress, building on prior attainment, as they move through the key stage.
  • Offer creative learning activities that inspire and promote lifelong learning.
  • Make students aware of the protocol of being a member of the performing arts.

The Performing Arts Team

 Mr Hallam

Curriculum Leader: Mr C. Hallam

“I have a passion for music and the arts. The performing arts team have a common love for the subject we enthuse harness and motivate our students to achieve their creative potential.” 

Teacher of Performing Arts: Miss P Leathers

 Teacher of Performing Arts: Miss K Marshall
Teacher of Performing Arts: Miss L Barrett


Key Stage 3

In year 7, we cover various issues and topics including Pantomime, Melodrama, Commedia De’ll Arte, Mime/Physical Theatre and performance skills.

In year 8, we cover various issues and topics including Ernie’s Incredible Illucinations, Horror, Shakespeare, Musical Theatre, Slapstick Comedy and performance skills.  In each project the students will develop skills and knowledge to hen perform an assessment piece incorporating those skills at the end of the term. The students will be given homework tasks and asked to bring in props and costumes to enhance their performances. 

In Year 9 students are taught in a Rota system between Drama and Dance on a two-week cycle. This allows each student to learn the key aspects of each discipline and prepare them for studying it at GCSE level if they so wish. Students develop various different skills and performance techniques in both disciplines, which culminate in performances at various stages throughout the year.


Half Term One

Drama Skills

Half Term Two

Story Telling

Half Term Three

Alternative Dramatic Form

Half Term Four

Working with a Script

Half Term Five

Devising from a stimuli

Half Term Six


Year 7

Serious Fun


Silent Movies

‘Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time’

Harry Potter

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Year 8

Explorative Strategies


Physical Theatre

‘One Man, Two Guvnors’

Horrible Histories


Year 9

Status & Stereotypes

Jack the Ripper

Commedia Dell’Arte


Civil Rights Movement

Romeo & Juliet

Key Stage 4

GCSE Performing Arts - Year 10

In year 10 Performing Arts the students will complete a skills audit on dance and drama and set targets for the remainder of the year. They will also create a performance each term for assessment. This Year the topics cover Sweeney Todd, Jazz, Improvisation and Theatre in education. 

Year Autumn Spring Summer
Year 10

Skills Audit, Musical Theatre, Bouncers

Opposites Mock  

GCSE Performing Arts - Year 11

Year Autumn Spring Summer
Year 11

Shock Theatre & Tap

Mock Assessment Exam Stimulus

 In Year 11 students will have completed most of their practical and written coursework and will be preparing for their final performance that will be moderated by an external examiner. They will cover topics including Tap and Shock Theatre before the final assessment.

At Aylesbury Vale Academy we currently offer the BTEC Performing Arts First Award Level 1 / 2 course. This course will enable you to develop your own skills as an Actor or Dancer. You can choose to focus on one pathway or learn them both simultaneously! The course is made up of three units.

Unit One: Individual Show Case

Unit Two: Preparation, Performance and Production

Unit Three: Acting Skills (Optional)

Unit Four: Dance Skills (Optional)

There are plenty of opportunities for performance throughout this course and you can decide if you would like to record your rehearsal logs in a written, video or audio format.

Arts for All 


This course is designed to inspire and enthuse learners to consider a career in the performing arts sector. It gives learners the opportunity to gain a broad knowledge and understanding of the Performing Arts. They will develop your skills in a range of contexts, and explore the possibilities of employment in the Arts.

Some of the skills students will develop are as follows:

  • Learn how to analyse scripts, people and situations
  • Develop your physical and vocal ability
  • Extend your understanding of context, theory and style in relation to the Arts.
  • Develop your Acting & Movement performance skills- gaining a deeper understanding of what performing is and can achieve.
  • Be able to work in and lead groups
  • Develop your own CREATIVITY

Course outline:

You will take a total of 4 units to complete this qualification. The number of units taken is will equate to 120 Guided learning hours over the duration of the course.

These units will include:

2 Core units

Unit 1 - Individual showcase

Unit 2 - Preparation, performance and production

2 Specialist units

Unit 3 - Acting skills

Unit 4 - Dance skills

Details of assessment:

Unit 1 externally assessed

Unit 2, 3 and 4 are internally assessed

The assessment approach for the internally assessed units in the qualification structure enables learners to receive feedback on their progress throughout the course as they provide evidence towards meeting the unit assessment criteria. Evidence for assessment may be generated through a range of activities, including workplace assessment, role play, practical performance and verbal presentations.

Extra Curricular

'Simon Stephens playwright of the Curious Incident visits our students to talk about how to get into the arts industries without a privileged background.'


Drama club is held every Thursday after school where all students can develop there drama skills, culminating in several performances throughout the year.

Performing Arts Evenings

Throughout the academic year the performing arts department will put on at least 3 performances including drama, music, and dance. There will also be a classical evening and an end of term show usually a musical production.

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