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General Information

Full-time pupils (in Reception upwards) may bring a healthy packed lunch into school or may select a school meal through HCL, the Academy’s school meal provider.  Meals are prepared on-site in the Academy kitchens and served from the school’s own servery in the main hall each lunchtime.  Parents can opt for their children to have a school meal daily or just when required by their family schedule.  They do not need to notify the school of when their child will be taking a school meal in advance.  Children are expected to indicate whether they are having a packed lunch or a school meal and, for those taking a school meal, to make their selection from the menu during registration each morning.  All menus include vegetarian and meat dishes, with the additional option of a halal version of the meat dish.  Alternatives are also provided for those with food allergies or intolerances once parents have completed the HCL allergy form available from school.

Free School Meals

Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to hot meals free of charge, as part of the government's Universal Free School Meals programme. Additionally, parents in receipt of various benefits may be entitled to Free School Meals because of their family circumstances.  This includes children in Reception to Year 2 as well as those in Key Stage 2.  We would request that all parents who think they may be eligible, contact the school office and complete the application form below, even if their child will not be taking school meals; as a successful free school meals application will also mean that the school will receive Pupil Premium funding which can then be used to improve provision in class and to support learning in other ways.  Requests for free school meals/pupil premium are treated confidentially and dealt with discretely and sensitively.  

Free School Meals Application Form

Parents of pupils in Year 3 upwards who are not eligible for free school meals and who would like their child to have a school meal on an occasional or regular basis, must pay for their child's meals in advance through the ParentPay portal (link below) by selecting Aylesbury Vale Academy School Meals.  Once their Parentpay account is in credit, pupils make their own choice about which meal they would like on the day on which the meal is taken.   A PDF version of the current school meals menu can be downloaded below for information (See School Meals Menu below).


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School Meals Menu

April - October 2019

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November 2019 - March 2020

Packed Lunch

Parents who prefer their child to bring a packed lunch to school, are requested to ensure that food is brought in a sturdy container and that drinks are in secure, unbreakable flasks.  Containers should be clearly named!  All packed lunches should contain a sandwich or suitable alternative and fruit and should not include sweets or fizzy drinks.  For further advice on packed lunches please consult your child’s class teacher or learning support assistant.