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Expectations of Our Students

  • Students should record every homework in their planner as soon as it is set, noting the date for completion and marking off once completed.
  • Students should complete the work they are set to the best of their ability, within a reasonable time span. This will vary according to the nature of the task and the subject.
  • They should always hand in their homework, or at least a credible attempt, on the due date.

Parents can help by:

  • Providing an appropriate study space for homework.
  • Giving advice, guidance, support and encouragement.
  • Asking questions about the homework and taking an interest.

Types of Homework

  • Written – extensions to classwork, questionnaires, past examination questions, completion of final drafts.
  • Learning – e.g. revision, vocabulary work, practising.
  • Preparation – e.g. research, reading, interviews, analysis.
  • Project work.
  • Creative – rehearsing, drawing, painting

If you/your son or daughter have any concerns regarding our homework policy please feel free to contact the Head of Year.

Key Stage 3

Students in Key Stage 3 will receive one weekly piece of homework for each of the core subjects (English, Maths and Science). All other subjects will set one piece of homework fortnightly.

Key Stage 4

Students are now following their chosen options and, as such, the amount of homework expected will increase. There will be occasions during the year where workload appears greater. This will be due to examinations and preparation for controlled coursework assessments that have to be completed under close supervision or examination conditions. Below are guidelines on what you/ your son or daughter should expect:

  • Students will be expected to complete homework for all subjects.

Homework will be set in all subjects as they are all leading to a qualification

English, Maths and Science will set 2 hours per week. Option subjects will set two pieces of homework per two week cycle.

  • Homework will be set according to the student’s individual timetable.
  • In GCSE and BTEC subjects, homework set may include tasks extending over several weeks. This should be detailed in the students’ planner with clear information about deadlines.
  • Students are expected to use their planner to help them effectively use their time, so that all homework deadlines are met.