Spellings for Learning at Home

In order to communicate effectively and access learing in all subject areas, pupils must be able to spell well.  In phonics lessons, from the latter part of the Nursery year upwards, children are expected to apply the sounds they learn to their writing.  

Their progress in phonics and spellings is closely monitored and regualry assessed.  Assessment information is used to group the children by ability for daily phonics or spelling sessions in  Reception and Key Stage 1 and to organise spelling groups within Key Stage 2 classes.  Most pupils in Year 1 upwards are given spellings to learn on a weekly basis and these are tested each Friday.

Pupils are given lists of spellings to take home and learn each week.  The lists relate directly to each group's work in phonics (practising the sounds and blends they have been learning each week) or are grouped in families of words around particular spelling patterns that children are expected to know at each given stage.  Some words are tricky words which don't appear to conform to a particualr rule or pattern.  Pupils may also be given key words that relate to a topic or area of study.  

Additional copies of spelling words for the current half term are given below under the name of the adult who takes each group.  Please help your children to practise their spelling words at home each week.  This could involve their simply writing the words out (correctly) a number of times and then being tested; or may involve playing games and drawing picturesto help them remember.  More information on phonics can be obtained by speaking to your childs teacher or at our regular parent workshops.  See information in the Support for Parents page