Staying Safe

As a school and as parents, our greatest priority is keeping our children safe.   Information 

about safeguarding responsibilities and procedures can be found in our safeguarding statement.

In order to achieve the very best possible outcomes for themselves and so that they can form and sustain healthy relationships and contribute to society at large, they need to be able to thrive and grow unimpeded by  anything or anyone that might cause them harm.

As they grow from babies to toddlers, through childhood and into adolescence, children become more and more independent and need to develop the skills to identify and evaluate risk as well as how to deal with the unexpected.  They cannot do this without the help and support of the adults in their lives.  

The following video produced by  he NSPCC can be used as a talking point with children to help them understand about boundaries and about how to keep themselves safe.

The link below shows regularly updated digital parenting news collated by

Alternatively, this websites and others can be viewed directly to provide general information and advice for parents and children on how to keep safe online as well as in relationships, around the home and when out and about.

CEOP's Think You Know site


Parent Zone

Parent Info

Buckinghamshire Family Information Service


School staff are always available to discuss any concerns parents may have about their child's wellbeing or safety.  

The NCA's CEOP Command is also available to help children, young people and their parents if they have any concerns about online sexual exploitation or other forms of online abuse.  Visit their safety centre or report directly to CEOP by clicking on their icon below and at the top of the page.