Student Council

Secondary Phase Student Council

The Aylesbury Vale Academy Student Council is made up of students from across the Academy and provides a forum where issues can be discussed and acted on. 

The Secondary Phase School Council is made up of two representatives from each year group.  They are elected by their peers and attend meetings that are chaired by the Head Girl and Head Boy every two weeks.

Academy Council Members

Head Boy: John Ashley

Head Girl: Wiktoria Ryszka

Deputy Head Boy: David Butcher

Deputy Head Girl: Miruthigaa Jayakumar

Year 11 Representatives

  • Ola Ola-Adebomi 
  • James Hutchinson

Year 10 Representatives

- to be elected.

Year 9 Representatives

– to be elected.

Year 8 Represenatatives

  • Safiya Pinnock
  • Xander Malone

Year 7 Representatives

- to be elected.