The School Day

Primary School Day

Our school day operates as follows:

8:50 to 15.00 Reception
8:50 to 15:10 Key Stage One (Years 1 and 2)
8:40 to 15:10 Key Stage Two (Year 3 upwards)

Children in Nursery and initially Reception are dropped-off and collected from their classrooms and parents are welcome inside the classrooms to help their children settle.  As the Reception year progresses, parents are asked to drop-off and collect from the classroom door and later the wooden gates to the outside learning area.  This helps the children to become more independent and eases the transition into Key Stage One.

For children in Year 1 upwards the main playground gates open at 8:30am and close at 8:50am. Children are to go straight to class when they arrive at school where they will be met by their teacher with a challenge to complete. Parents are not required to wait. At the end of the school day, children will be brought to the playground to line up ready for collection.

Secondary School Day

08.30 Registration
08.50 Period 1
09.55 Period 2
11.00 Break
11.20 Period 3
12.25 Period 4
13.25 Lunch
14.00 Period 5
15.00 End of school day (Years 7 - 9)
15:05 Period 6  (Years 10/11 only)