• There is no free transport to the Academy.
  • The walking/cycling routes are essentially  via dedicated pavement and cycle paths next to the A41 and will be followed by dedicated paths from the Meadowcroft areas in the coming months.
  • Bucks County Council are working to contract bus services to facilitate access from existing catchment to the new site.


The options for sustainable travel include:


  • Using the existing Rainbow Route network of bus services in Aylesbury. Orange Route 3 serves town centre, Elmhurst, Haydon Hill and Quarrendon to alight at Jackson Road and use the recently installed footway along the A41. Blue Route 2 also serves this area.
  • Route 16 serves the A41 and bus stops have recently been installed near to Aylesbury vale Parkway roundabout (this is likely to be relocated to the west of the roundabout soon as it currently means people walking along the verge) and between the traffic signal junction and Stone Bridge for Eastbound services.
  • A Westbound bus stop, and Toucan crossing to allow users to cross the A41, will be implemented in the coming months, between the traffic signal junction and Stone Bridge for Westbound services, and it is expected to be installed by March 2013. More information on bus routes, timetables etc for Aylesbury is available via
  • In addition, a dedicated public bus serving Berryfields development and Aylesbury Vale Parkway to/from Aylesbury is expected to be in place in soon which will enhance the existing Rainbow Route services.
  • The exact details of the bus routing, pricing and bus stop locations are currently being worked on but it is expected that the service will be similar to existing rainbow route services with circa 15/20 minute frequency.
  • Bus stops will be located on the loop roads around the development and at appropriate locations near to the school, district centre etc


  • The school’s travel plan shows routes students may be able to use. Click here to view route map.


  • The recently installed cycleway on the A41 will be surfaced in the coming weeks and will be extended to Meadowcroft and therefore link into the Ruby Way cycleway which links to the wider Gemstones cycle routes across Aylesbury.
  • The deadline for the developers to deliver this cycleway is December 2013 but we are in discussions with the developers to bring forward the provision of footpaths, cycleways in time for the school opening but cannot guarantee this will happen as there is no legal obligation on the developers to do so.
  • It is expected that footpaths linking Fletcher Close to the school, including a bridge over the river, will be in place before or very shortly after AVA relocates.

Aylesbury Vale Academy Travel Plan