Week 11 - wc 1 June 2020

Welcome Year 3 to Week 11!

Welcome to Summer Term 2!! We hope you are all well and are enjoying learning at home! Let us know what you get up to by emailing us at

Booklets do not have to be printed out- the children can write their answers in their exercise books that were sent home or on a piece of paper. The work sent doesn’t have to be all completed, only complete what you can. 


We are going to be creating our very own superheroes and stories over the next few weeks. 

  • Task 1 - Create your superhero- draw it and write a description of it. Use lots of adjectives to create detailed and descriptive sentences. Can you try to use fronted adverbials in your sentences? (Help sheet attached)
  • Task 2 - Create where your superhero lives. Draw/make and describe it. Use your senses to describe where they live, include prepositions to add detail to your sentences. (Help sheet attached)
  • Task 3 – Captain America has his shield and Thor has his hammer what object does your superhero have? Draw and describe it (Help sheet attached)
  • Task 4 - Now it’s time to start creating your story. Complete the storyboard/ a story map attached and think about what could happen in your story, who is the villain, how does your superhero beat the villain? 

Try to include some speech from each character beneath your pictures. 

We’d love to see all the year 3 superheroes! Send in what you get up to this week.


Complete reading booklet attached there are 2 attachments, the reading texts and the questions. These are not to be completed as tests, children can complete them independently or with support, 

Children should be reading every day- this week try to focus on expression whilst reading. 


We would like the children to focus on addition this week. 

Non-printing activities:

  1. Speedy addition- ask an adult to write 20 simple addition number sentences down and try to solve them as quickly as you can.
  2. Write 2 digit and 3 digit numbers on different cards. Turn them face down on the table. Turn over 2 cards at a time and add those numbers using the expanded column method. 
  3. Try out these addition games on topmarks-

Printing activities:

  1. Mental maths booklet- this is to work through over the next couple of weeks there are 15 mental maths questions to solve every day.
  2. Expanded column addition there are 3 levels to choose from.
  3. Addition word problems- there are 2 levels of questions.

Pixl Times Table App

I have been very impressed with some of the scores on the times table app so far! If you're not sure of your child's password please email the year 3 enquiries and we will send it to you.  This is a great way to practice times tables which is a key skill to keep up


Continue learning about Ancient Egypt. Children to continue to work through each activity on the homework grid which focuses on different topics of Ancient Egypt.

Go on a tour of modern day Egypt on Google maps street view! See what the Pyramids look like today, think about how different it is now to Ancient Egypt. What are the similarities and differences?


 Draw someone who is a superhero to you. This could be a superhero you like or someone that helps you. Write underneath your picture why they are a superhero!

Create your very own superhero logo/ shield. These could include things that are important to you/ your superhero. 

Other projects/ activities that children could do

BBC Bitesize have put some great lessons and activities together and have 20 minute daily videos covering Maths, Literacy and Topic. Find them at:

PE- Joe Wicks is doing a ‘live’ PE lesson on his Youtube channel every weekday at 9am- this could be a great way for children to start their day and is something they have done before at school.  There are lots of different ways to stay active at home- create your own obstacle courses/ workouts.

Stay safe and have fun!

The Year 3 team.