Week 11 - wc 1 June 2020

Welcome Seahorses to Week 11!

Hi Everyone,

We have been very lucky with the weather, I hope you’re enjoying the sunshine and being outside. 😃

This week I thought we would concentrate on Maths and Literacy.  I have posted some story telling videos and the teachers have made a video called 'When you’re smiling', these can be found here on the school website. I have sung a few songs via Evidence Me.  Our Magic Maths song is on there; we sing the song together before we do Maths, our days of the week song and Zip goes the ladder of the window cleaner man! 

A huge thank you to all the children and parents who have posted observations on Evidence Me, they’re amazing keep up the good work! 👍

Phase 1 Phonics Letters and Sounds

Environmental sounds, instrumental sounds, body percussion (eg clapping, stamping) rhythm and rhymes, alliteration (initial sounds of words and games) voice sounds, oral blending and segmenting, hearing that d-o-g makes dog.

The aspects are: Turning into sounds, listening and remembering sounds and talking about sounds.

You can find resources on the Letters and sounds website and Twinkle (phase 1 phonics).





Magic Maths

Remember Maths is everywhere, you can look for numbers and shapes around your home and outside.  Here are some images of learning numbers and shapes through play.




We sing our Magic Maths song (video on Evidence me) before we look at numbers, we count numbers on the number line and play Maths games.  Maybe you could make a Hey Presto puppet and Abracadabra (wizard) and place them on a stick to count the numbers and sing the Magic Maths song

'Hey numbers on the line don’t you know you look so fine, hey numbers!  Hey, hey numbers!' (...and repeat).

A video of the song is on Evidence me.  Remember Maths is Magic, Maths is everywhere! 😄



Have fun Seahorses learning through play and enjoy the sunshine!  ☀️ 

Miss Scrivener