Week 12 - wc 8 June 2020

Welcome Seahorses to Week 12!

Hi Everyone,

The weather has been amazing ☀️ We are very lucky!  I have been enjoying walking and yoga.

You can find children’s yoga on Youtube with Cosmic Kids.  It’s a great way to relax and exercise.

Fine Motor Control

This week I thought we would practice our fine motor skills so we can gain good control. I have posted a few photo activities for you to enjoy!

Gross Motor Control

I have posted a few photos of gross motor skills activities.  Can you make a den?  Can you go on a nature walk, have an indoor disco, play balloon tennis in the house.

You could go on a treasure hunt for numbers, colours and shapes and then record your findings.  Can you take your own photos of the things you’ve found on your hunt and walk?  Taking your own photos will help cover Understanding the World, Technology.  Please post your photos to Evidence Me. 😊


I have read a live story of Goldilocks and the three bears, this can be found on the school website via Youtube.  I thought we could try a few activities linked to the story.  It would be lovely to see your live story telling.😀


You can find a few videos of songs we sing at Nursery on Evidence Me and a few activities for you to enjoy.  Thank you for your wonderful observations!  The activities you have been doing are amazing! 👍

The Worry activities have been posted to Evidence Me. 😊

Missing you. 😀

Miss Scrivener 

Seahorses Nursery

Photo Activities - Ideas and Inspiration