Week 13 - wc 15 June 2020

Welcome Seahorses to Week 13!

I hope you’re all okay?  You’re all amazing, keep sending me your photos of your home learning via Evidence Me.  I love seeing your smiling faces! 😃

This week I have read a reptile story which you can find  here on our staff storytelling page.  Maybe you could read some reptile stories at home?

I thought we would focus on reptile and insects this week to support our Understanding the World.  If anyone has a reptile please send me some photos. 

Reptiles and insects are fascinating creatures full of character and colours. It would be lovely to see your reptile and insects creations filled with colours! 😊

  • Use your imagination, maybe you could make a playdough snake or use natural resources to make reptiles?
  • Can you make a shape snake or a colourful chameleon?  
  • Can you pretend to be a crocodile, a snake, a frog, a turtle and a lizard ?
  • How do they move?
  • What sounds do they’re make?  
  • Can you explore snakes in green jelly, green corn flour or paint?  
  • Can you can make a bead snake, a cheerio snake, a pasta snake, a penny snake or a sock snake?  
  • Have a look around your home and see what you can use to make a reptile? Remember you can also find resources outside.
  • Can you find any insects hidden in your garden? 
  • You can use pebbles to make a snake or make insects using pebbles for the body and add sticks for the legs and leaves for the wings.  
  • You could use paper, paint, pens, lolly sticks and pipe cleaners to help make your creations.

YouTube Kids have some great reptile and insect songs and videos to watch.

Have fun exploring reptiles and insects!

Thank you for all your hard work Seahorses and keep on using your imagination! 

Miss Scrivener 

Seahorses Nursery 😊