Week 13 - wc 15 June 2020

Welcome Year 3 to Week 13!

We hope you are all well and are enjoying learning at home! Let us know what you get up to by emailing us at

Booklets do not have to be printed out- the children can write their answers in their exercise books that were sent home or on a piece of paper. The work sent doesn’t have to be all completed, only complete what you can. 

Sports Day

Did you try any of the sports day activities? Send in what you got up to!


We are going to be carrying on our superhero work again this week- we have loved seeing your superheroes so far! Your stories and pictures have been great!

Task 1 – Your superhero has saved the day! Write a letter to your superhero thanking them for their help. Think about the correct layout for a letter and using formal language.

Task 2- Handwriting- create an invitation to a party celebrating your superhero's achievements. Try to join up all your handwriting on your invitation. (why not bake a cake, give out your invitation to people in your house and have a celebration!)

Task 3-  Grammar- watch these videos. Can you create a fact sheet with definitions and example of each video. 

Task 4- Complete the punctuation and grammar activity- this does not have to completed as a test. 

We’d love to see all the year 3 superhero work! Send in what you get up to this week.


2 Egyptian themed reading comprehensions attached. The Rosetta Stone and Get ready with Cleopatra.

Children should be reading every day- this week try to focus on explaining what the characters are thinking and feeling. 


Non printing activities

Have a go on the maths games on Topmarks – Hit the button is good for times tables.

  • Have a look on Maths Hub home learning page. Choose a previous week to watch videos on any topic you are unsure of. We will be using this website more in the coming weeks.
  • Create a maths dictionary of key words we use in maths. For example: addition, subtraction, sum, total, equal etc.

Printing activities

We would like the children to start working through the summer maths booklet attached- this is to practice all the different topics learnt recently. 

Continue to work through the speed daily maths booklet sent 2 weeks ago. 

Pixl Times Table App

I have been very impressed with some of the scores on the times table app so far! If you're not sure of your child's password please email the year 3 enquiries and we will send it to you. This is a great way to practice times tables which is a key skill to keep up


Continue learning about Ancient Egypt. Children to continue to work through each activity on the homework grid which focuses on different topics of Ancient Egypt. There is also an information sheet and activity on Egyptian gods. 


Home science experiments- 

  • Lava Lamp activity
  • Dissolving activity 
  • Cola super fountain activity 

Other projects/ activities that children could do:

BBC Bitesize have put some great lessons and activities together and have 20 minute daily videos covering Maths, Literacy and Topic. Find them at:

PE - Joe Wicks is doing a ‘live’ PE lesson on his Youtube channel every weekday at 9am- this could be a great way for children to start their day and is something they have done before at school.  There are lots of different ways to stay active at home- create your own obstacle courses/ workouts.

Stay safe and have fun!

The Year 3 team.