Week 13 - wc 15 June 2020

Welcome Year 4 to Week 13!

This week, we would like the children, if possible, to complete:

Maths, Reading, Spelling

  • We have set 5 new My Maths activities for this week which all revolve around using bar models for multiplication and multiplying numbers by 10 and 100.
  • As an alternative or extra task, find out the temperature of London and five other European cities on one day. Present your findings in a bar chart (Remember to label the axes and provide a title) and then use this to answer the following questions: Which city is the hottest? Which is the coldest? Work out how much hotter/colder each of them is compared to London.
  • Continue to practice times tables, especially the trickier 6, 7, 8, 9 and 12s. As previously mentioned, a good resource for this are the Mad Minute challenges at The website also provides a number of games for each times table.
  • Continue reading for 20 minutes at least three times a week which should then be recorded in their Reading Records.
  • Complete the 3 reading comprehension activities. These have been differentiated. One star = Starting out. Two stars = Getting there. Three stars = Super confident (see attached documents).
  • The spelling rule for this week is words which begin with the prefix ‘sub’ such as submerge, subtitle and submarine. The prefix ‘sub’ means ‘under’. Use the Internet and/or a dictionary to find 10 words that also use this prefix, define each one and then write a sequence of sentences or even a short story that uses them.


  • Last week we began a writing activity based on the story ‘Mission Possible’ by Kit Pennington, which uses the ‘Talk for Writing’ approach we have been using in English this year. As already stated, each writing task (lasting 2-3 weeks) has been broken up into a series of smaller activities to be completed daily. The activities for this week are:

Day Six (see English Day Six pdf):

- Setting p.22

- Adjectives activity p.23

- Verbs (doing words) p.24

Day Seven (see English Day Seven pdf):

- Speech Marks p.25-26

- CHALLENGE: Create a secret code! P.27 and/or Design a Spy Gadget p.28

Day Eight (see English Day Eight pdf):

- Let’s start to create and plan your story p.29

- The Story Road p.30

- Story Planner p.31

- Story Ideas p.32

- Use this road to plan your story p.33

Day Nine:

- Sentence openers pdf activity

- Fronted adverbials pdf activity

Day Ten:

- Conjunctions and Connectives pdf activity

- Sentence Building Blocks pdf activity

Other projects/ activities that children could do

  • We would like the children to complete a further 1-2 activities from the ‘Summer 2’ task grid (see attached document) which also includes a range of appropriate science, geography and RE activities which would have been covered this half-term.

  • Choose from a wide range of sites and activities listed on the ‘Other things to do’ word document.


  •  A selection of activities / sites is provided on the ‘PE ideas and activities’ word document.

Many thanks,

The Year 4 team.