Week 14 - wc 22 June 2020

Welcome Starfish to Week 14!

To carry on the theme of building on your child's language development, this week I have put together an information sheet for you about dialogic reading. Put simply, dialogic reading is about creating a conversation between you and your child as you read a picture book with them. This may be something you already do at home, but the information sheet may give you extra ideas for different types of questions you can ask your child while you're reading stories together. Having conversations like this is valuable not only for your child's language development, but also their social development and emotional wellbeing. This video explaining the government's Hungry Little Minds initiative, demonstrates how you might use dialogic reading with your child and the benefits it offers.

Dialogic Reading

Dialogic reading is a fun and effective way to help young children learn to read. Talk to your child while reading a book. Ask questions and have a conversation about the story. They will love this interaction, and it will help them improve their vocabulary and build their language skills.