Week 14 - wc 22 June 2020

Welcome Dolphins & Turtles to Week 14!

We can see you enjoyed Science week! Lots of Evidence me pictures and videos sharing wonderful learning experiments! Thank you for your continued hard work since you have been away from school.  Can you give your grown up a big high five or a big hug for helping you with all of your learning too!

If you are considering sending your Reception child back to school, please get in touch using or contact the main enquiry line. Don’t forget to complete the questionnaire for return to school when it comes out again via AVA COMS.

Parents, if you have any observations of your children please upload to their learning journey with a little written information on what they are doing. You can also download the Evidence me from the app stores (android and apple).

This week Mrs Clark has shared some more pictures of the caterpillars/ butterflies journey, see the pictures attached. You can also see what Dilys and Geraldine have been up to this week with Miss Worth… This week's home learning has some 3D shape focus and we find out about Max and his adventures.  See learning attached.

The weather has changed a little but we have still been dancing and bouncing and walking and riding in the rain! What about you?

Stay safe little Dolphins and Turtles 

Keep smiling!πŸŒˆπŸ™‚πŸŒˆ

Mrs Clark❀ and Miss Worth β€