Week 14 - wc 22 June 2020

Welcome Year 5 to Week 14!

We hope you've all had a great week! It was so lovely to see some of you on our tour of Berryfields last week - it really lifted our moods! We are hoping to do it again this week, so will see some more of you soon!

Here's this week's work:

My Maths

This week is another data week. Please follow them in the order below, as sometimes when we set the work it doesn't always upload in the order we would like.  

  1. Reading Piecharts
  2. Two-way tables 
  3. Grouping data
  4. Mean and mode
  5. Median and Range

This may be a helpful video to keep in mind as you do these tasks.

PiXL times tables 

Continue to practice your times tables - 5 minutes a day is enough to make a difference!


There are three Arithmetic quizzes for you to look at on SMHW. They are not set up as quizzes this week, but are documents for you to look at. The answers are at the end of each document - don't look until you have completed the questions and then mark your own, or ask an adult to mark them for you. Can you score 9 or above?


The SPaG quizzes are not set up as quizzes, but are documents for you to look at instead. We would love to see a score of 7 and above... are you up for the challenge?


Remember to be reading for 5-10 minutes every day.

English and Topic

You should be on the second week of your 2-week deforestation project. There are some persuasive writing activities for you to complete before you write your own persuasive text.  Look on Show My homework for all the information. 

Science / RE / PSHCE

All the work for these lessons can be found on Show My Homework.


Remember that the Art project is a 5-week project. This week, you need to complete week 4.


Join Joe Wicks for Week 14 of PE with the nation!

Summer Reading Challenge - Reminder

The Summer Reading Challenge would normally be up-and-running through our local libraries. Unfortunately, libraries have to stay closed a little longer, so the challenge has gone online instead! The website is brilliant - it tells you how to sign up, and there are lots of fun activities for you to do. There is a book sorter, which gives you recommendations based on what type of books you like to read. There is also a section to help you find books to read online, while shops and libraries are still closed. Take some time to sign up and explore for yourself, and get reading this Summer! 

Summer Reading ChallengeThis amazing creative writing competition is back for an incredible 10th year. If you like writing stories and fancy winning some awesome prizes, this is the competition for you! What is the Summer Reading Challenge? The Summer Reading Challenge takes place every year during the summer holidays. You can sign up at your local library, then read ...

Have a fantabulus week, Year 5!

Keep safe, keep smiling, and be kind, always!

Mrs Foulger and Mrs Tucker