Week 15 - wc 29 June 2020

Welcome Seahorse to Week 15!

Hi everyone, 

I hope you’re all been having fun!  It’s been lovely to see you exploring reptiles, mini beasts and self-help skills.  Thank you for posting your lovely work via Evidence Me. 

Remember to take a look at some of the stories that have been posted on the school website home learning, storytelling telling.  Sharing stories together is a lovely experience.

This week I thought we would explore Mathematics learning through play...

This week we will concentrate on:

  • Weight and capacity 
  • Shapes 2d and 3D
  • Length and height
  • Numbers 0-10 
  • Sorting
  • Subtracting and adding

Remember Mathematics is everywhere and learning Maths can be fun especially if it’s taught through play.

  • Can you go on a walk and look at the trees? How many are there? How many sticks can you find? Can you talk about sizes?
  • Can you use junk modelling items for water play at bath time or in the paddling pool?  Useful language prompts include;  Can you fill it to the top? half way? Is it full or empty?
  • Can you float and sink items in water, talk about weight and capacity?
  • What 2d or 3d shapes can you make using natural resources?  Can you make something with junk modelling and talk about 3D shapes?
  • Can you count natural objects? Can you sort them into groups? Can you add and subtract using these objects?
  • Can you read a map? What shapes can you see on the map? Are there any numbers on the map?Can you talk about distances? Maybe you could make your own map? 
  • Can you write numbers on a CD-ROM and hop scotch outside? 
  • Can you make a shape person, shape insects or a paper aeroplane?
  • May be you might explore Soapy water, Fairy soup and measuring and pouring .
  • You might explore counting and patterns.
  • You might enjoy reading books about numbers .