Week 16 - wc 6 July 2020

Welcome Seahorses to Week 16!

Hello everyone,

I hope you had a good week and avoided the showers! 

This week I thought we would concentrate on Phase 1 Phonics Letter and Sounds.

Remember - letters and sounds are everywhere! 

  • Can you identify environmental sounds? 
  • Can you listen to the sounds indoors and outdoors?
  • Can you record sounds and then play guess the correct sound?
  • Can you listen to different types of music, loud and quiet?
  • Can you play instruments quietly and loudly?
  • Can you make instruments? What sounds can you make? 
  • Can you use your body to make sounds?
  • Can you share stories together focussing on alliteration and rhyming?
  • Can you look at the letters and words in the story?
  • Can you read rhyming story’s, understanding and remembering words? 
  • Can you sing rhymes together and making sounds?
  • Can you recognise familiar captions; logos, signs, familiar words and names?
  • Can you write and match letters in fun ways?

Remember phonics are everywhere!  

  • Can you say a few phonic sounds and orally blend these sounds together? 

Learning phonics and sounds throughout playing

I hope you have enjoyed exploring phase 1 phonics letters and sounds. Keep up the excellent work Seahorses and keep practising writing you’re name in fun ways. I am very proud of your achievements. 

Fingers crossed for more sunshine ☀️ 

What sound do these animals make?

Miss Scrivener 😃

Seahorses Nursery