Week 17 - wc 13 July 2020

Welcome Dolphins and Turtles to Week 17!

Dear Dolphins and Turtles, 

We have enjoyed EVERY single minute we have had the privilege to spend with you. You are two classes filled with amazing little individuals. You each bring something extremely special to our year group. 

You have learnt so many new skills to go with your smiles, giggles, acts of kindness, creativity, singing, acting, digging and making, planning and building, drawing, painting, mark-making, counting, grouping, fact-finding, imaginative story-telling, racing, twirling, climbing, listening, wondering, brain- growing, loving, caring, sticking and cutting, pouring and measuring, speaking, Makaton signing, playing learning, growing... to name but a few! 

Parents- The Greatest respect and appreciation to you through a very tricky time. Thank you for your support in continuing to add to your child’s learning journey. It will be something you can look back on and share with your child over the years ahead. Thank you for sharing your very important little people with us. It has been a pleasure to have known every single one of the children. We just wish we had longer with them. 

Mrs Clark has shared her final week with the Clark crew, how about you? You can continue to add to your Learning Journey throughout the summer to show your new Teacher in September. I look forward to hearing about all of your adventures!

This week is ‘Party Week' where you will be planning and preparing your own party at home to celebrate your time in Reception. Let’s see what Dilys and Geraldine are up to this week for the final time with Miss Worth... 

Stay safe little Dolphins and Turtles- Keep smiling! πŸŒˆπŸ™‚πŸŒˆ Mrs Clark❀ and Miss Worth β€