Week 17 - wc 13 July 2020

Welcome Seahorses to Week 17!

Hello Seahorses,

I cannot believe this our last home learning week. You have all been wonderful and it has been lovely to see you learning through play.

It has been lovely to see a few of you in doorstep visits and keeping in contact via Evidence Me. You have been amazing.

I am super excited to be seeing you at our Stay and Play sessions on Wednesday 15th July.  We cannot wait to see you all! Please check your emails for more information.

This week I thought we would share some party activities you can do at home to celebrate being a Seahorse. I cannot wait to see you’re party hat creations at our Stay and Play sessions. We look forward to seeing you all and wish you the best of luck in your new adventures at big school. I will post a goodbye video via Evidence Me for the children who can not attend and I will be posting a starting school story next week here on the school website.

Party activities 

  • Can you make a party hat?
  • Can you dress yourself in you’re best outfit ?
  • Can you practice your dance moves?
  • Can you make some fairy cakes to enjoy at home?
  • Can you help prepare party food and drinks at home?
  • Can you invite your favourite teddy to your party at home?
  • Can you write some invitations for your family to attend ?
  • Can you make play dough birthday cakes?
  • Can you think of a few healthy foods to make ?
  • Can you play party games at home?
  • Can you make party decorations?
  • Can you play with party items?

Please post your photos of your celebrations at home via Evidence Me.  You have been a pleasure to teach and we wish you the best of luck with your next adventure.

We are going to miss you! Have a lovely summer and please keep posting your summer adventures via Evidence Me for your new teacher.

Good luck 😉 

Miss Scrivener, Mrs Tunbridge and Mrs Morris.