Week 3 - wc 18 January 2021

Welcome Year 2 to Week 3

Year 2 Home Learning Overview (click here or on link below)

Dear Parents and Carers,

Another week of remote learning has been completed and we have been delighted to receive many contributions from you and your child of the wonderful learning taken place. It is fantastic to see so many of you working hard to keep your progress going, and it has certainly made Mrs Wehrle and I smile. Please continue to send your fantastic work to us each week on the email address. 

This week, we are looking forward to completing online calls with your children using the School Cloud. This is a fantastic opportunity for your child to meet face to face with a member of staff, to share what they have been learning about and ask questions. Please ensure that you prepare your child, prior to the meeting, by encouraging them to think about what they would like to share as well as any questions they may want to ask. The meetings will be 5 minutes long, so it important that they are prepared and comfortable for their talk. We are all very excited to take part in this and look forward to speaking with your children. Please click here to access the online letter and parent guide on how to use School Cloud. 

In this week's home learning timetable, we have included a list of useful links, some of which are videos of our staff helping to demonstrate skills to reinforce the learning that has taken place in school. As well as this, we have included cursive writing resources to support your children with continuing their progress in handwriting. It is important that children continue to practice their cursive handwriting whenever they produce work, remembering to form ascenders and descenders appropriately above or below the line. 

Just a note, we do not expect you to print anything we send, but we hope you can use it for reference or a guide.

To finish, please ensure to take the time to complete the online survey each Friday, which can be found on the school website. We really appreciate your feedback, and it helps us to support you and your child further. We hope that you have a great week. 

Kind regards,

Miss Gonzalex & Mrs Wehrle