Week 7 - wc 4 May 2020

Welcome Starfish to Week 7!

Hi everyone, 

We are missing you all and hope you’re all enjoying playing at home. 😊

Wednesday 29th April was International Dance Day -- Starfish team challenge you to put on some music and show us your moves! 

How will you move to fast music or slow music? How about different genres of music - pop, classical, rock, reggae etc.? Can you make your body into a big shape? How about a small one? Can you make your arms and legs move like wiggly worms? How high can you bounce? Can you reach down, down, down and touch your toes – and then peep through your knees? Can you move like different animals? Perhaps exciting music might make you want to move like a lion or a kangaroo, and gentle music make you want to move like a butterfly or a snake.

I wonder what kind of music you like best… We can’t wait to see your magnificent dancing!

Miss Barber and the Starfish Team