Week 7 - wc 4 May 2020

Welcome Year 6 to Week 7!

Good morning Year 6! 

Mrs Stewart and I are still really enjoying seeing your work, as well as all the other things you are doing! Please keep sending us messages, as we love being able to see all of the great work you are doing! We really are missing you all terribly! This week Friday is a bank holiday to commemorate VE Day. We do not expect you to be working on your day off, time to have have some fun and relax with your families. This in mind we have set a little less this week on MyMaths and there as not as many quizzes to complete on SMHW. (The submission date on SMHW is for Friday - if you would like to be handing them in on that date that's great, but you are free to get everything finished by Thursday and have a long weekend).

Show My Homework

We continue to be very proud and impressed at the way that you have all risen to the challenge of using SMHW. It has been great to be able to see much more of your learning. This week we have seen lots of you logging in and submitting your learning to us. Well done, keep it up.

We are going to continue the balance of asking you to submit some learning via email if you would like to and submitting other tasks on SMHW so that we continue with a balance of the two. Remember anything you'd like to share with us that we've set or that you have done at home can be emailed to


Last week we asked even more of you to log in to  MyMaths and we have seen an increase, lots of people logging in every day to complete their Maths work. However there are still more people completing work on SMHW and we would like to see people completing the MyMaths work as well. We don't want you to forget all the things you've learnt this year, a little practise each day will help you to be ready for when we are back at school!


Just a quick reminder to make sure you keep reading whilst you are at home! Anything that you can be reading is fantastic. In particular, if possible we would like you to start reading Goodnight Mr Tom. This would have been our class book if we were all in school together and links really closely to our World War II topic. We appreciate that not everybody will have a copy at home, if you can manage to order one that would be fantastic.

An alternative might be to use Audible. They currently have a 30 day free trial which includes Goodnight Mr Tom as a free download. Just remember to cancel your trial if you do not want to continue with a monthly charge.

Goodnight-Mister-Tom Audio Book

Goodnight Mister Tom

Check out this great listen on Winner of the Guardian Children's Fiction Award. Penguin presents the downloadable audiobook edition of Goodnight Mister Tom, read by Patrick Malahide. Young Willie Beech is evacuated to the country as Britain stands on the brink of World War II.


We are looking into ways to try and provide the text completely free, if none of the above are an option for you then bear with us and we hope to have a solution by next week.

Joe Wicks continues doing a phenomenal job getting people all around the world to do a daily PE lesson with him. Please use YouTube to exercise with him! 30 minutes a day, before you start the rest of your work, will really lift your mood and get you ready to work! 

Keep working hard, trying your best and being kind. 

Mr Sandalls and Mrs Stewart