Week 8 - wc 11 May 2020

Welcome Year 3 to Week 8!

We hope you are all well and are enjoying learning at home! Continue your diary of all the different things you get up to whilst at home (pictures/drawings/writing). 

Let us know what you are getting up to and are working on by emailing us at It’s lovely to see what the children are achieving at home.

Booklets do not have to be printed out- the children can write their answers in their exercise books that were sent home or on a piece of paper. The work sent doesn’t have to be all completed, only complete what you can it is important to spend time as a family and playing too .


This week we want you to do to a reading challenge! How many different books can you read? How many different places can you read them? (under a table, in your bedroom, in the kitchen, etc). Create a poster about all the different books you have read and where you have read them. When you have finished reading, get an adult to ask you questions about it.

Howard Carter Reading Comprehension (below).


Continue to work through the Spring workbook (sent last week)

Reading/Writing/Topic/Art - Howard Carter project  

Once you have read the reading comprehension about Howard Carter, research more about him. What questions do you have about him?

  1. Think about what it would’ve been like to explore ancient pyramids and find this great discovery of Tutankhamun. Create a diary entry of what Howard Carter would’ve written that night after his amazing find. How was he feeling? Describe how he found the tomb etc. 
  2. What would the newspapers have said about this amazing find? Create a newspaper article/ report explaining and describing what he found. You could include quotes from him and his workers. 
  3. Draw a picture of what he found inside the pyramid, the gold, the tomb, etc.
  4. Create a model of/ draw Tutankhamun’s sarcophagus, can you add your own hieroglyphics to it? 

We look forward to seeing your creations! 


This week we are going to be recapping Fractions and adding and subtracting them. 

Non-Printing Activities

  • Children could add and subtract fractions practically by using objects around the house, eg. 2/3 of an apple + 1/3 of an apple. Can you make up your own word problems to solve?
  • Create a poster of all the different ways you can make fractions using objects around the house.
  • Fractions games online -

Printing activities (below)

There are worksheets to go through and some problem-solving questions too.
If support is needed on this topic go to this website: (there are videos supporting the worksheets, in the summer term week 2 drop down box) 

PiXL Times Table App

There has been a great increase in children using this app and lots of fantastic scores! If you're not sure of your child's password please email the year 3 enquiries and we will send it to you. 


Continue learning about Ancient Egypt. Children to continue to work through each activity on the homework grid which focuses on different topics of Ancient Egypt.


Plants- try to sequence the pictures about how to grow plant activity attached.  Use BBC bitesize to find out more here.

Can you create a guide book about plants?

Other projects/ activities that children could do

  • If you want to start reading Harry Potter- different celebrities are reading different chapters of  Harry Potter on this link here.
  • BBC Bitesize - have put some great lessons and activities together and have 20 minute daily videos covering Maths, Literacy and Topic. Find them at here
  • PE- Joe Wicks is doing a ‘live’ PE lesson on his Youtube channel every weekday at 9am- this could be a great way for children to start their day and is something they have done before at school.
  • Stay safe and have fun!

The Year 3 team.