Week 9 - wc 18 May 2020

Welcome Starfish to Week 9!

Please find attached some activities to help you develop your child's vocabulary and listening skills.

Feel free to adapt them to be more or less challenging based on your child's level of development - you know your child best. Be aware that these activities are not designed to test your child but to encourage them to listen to and use a range of vocabulary. Respond to and praise all attempts at communication, even if this is just eye contact or facial expression. These activities will be beneficial even if you think your child will not be able to respond verbally or will only be able to respond with one or two words (and even if you think they're not listening!) - narrating what you are doing or what your child is doing provides them the opportunity to hear and understand language, which then helps to develop their spoken language skills.

Kind wishes,

Miss Barber.