Week 9 - wc 18 May 2020

Welcome Year 3 to Week 9!

We hope you are all well and are enjoying learning at home! Continue your diary of all the different things you get up to whilst at home (pictures/drawings/writing). 

Let us know what you are getting up to and are working on by emailing us at year3enquiries@theacademy.meIt’s lovely to see what the children are achieving at home.

Booklets do not have to be printed out- the children can write their answers in their exercise books that were sent home or on a piece of paper. The work sent doesn’t have to be all completed, only complete what you can it is important to spend time as a family and playing too .


This week we would like the children to choose a new book to read and write about what they liked/disliked about it.

The Oxford Owl website has lots of free ebooks for every reading level if you sign up for a free parent account

Complete reading comprehension booklet attached, please don't complete these as tests, they can be completed independently or with an adult. 


Task 1: The night zookeeper story 

Watch the videos on this link

Complete the activity to make up your own animal that is in the night zoo. Continue watching the other videos to create a setting, a problem and a solution to make your own story. Send in your stories! 

Task 2: Plan and write a persuasive argument about one of these topics:

  • Why you should have more or less time on your tablet/tv/xbox- 
  • Why you should eat more or less sweets
  • Why you should or shouldn’t wear school uniform 

Remember to give facts and reasons to support your ideas, use persuasive language and include an introduction, a paragraph for each reason and a conclusion with your final comments about it. 


Money – This week we would like you to practice adding and using money. A help mat is attached to support this learning.  

Non-Printing activities

Task 1: Home tuck shop- create your own mini shop in your house with snacks/ fruit you may have throughout the day. Label each object with a price and give yourself £1. How many snacks can you afford?

Task 2: Create a shopping list of all your favourite things. Look at a recent receipt or on a supermarket website- how much does each item cost. Add them up to find out how expensive your dream shopping list would be! (remember to keep your numbers in their place value columns to help you add them up).

Task 3: Investigation! Using 1p 2p 5p 10p 20p and 50p, how many different ways can you make £1. You can use each coin as many times as you want.

Task 4: try out these games on topmarks

Printing activities (below)

  • Pounds and pence worksheet
  • Adding money work sheet 
  • Adding and subtracting money word problems worksheet

Pixl Times Table App

There has been a great increase in children using this app and lots of fantastic scores! If you're not sure of your child's password please email the year 3 enquiries and we will send it to you. 


Continue learning about Ancient Egypt. Children to continue to work through each activity on the homework grid which focuses on different topics of Ancient Egypt 


Try out some of the experiments attached- can you create your own instructions or a photo log of what happens? (All experiments are involving household items)

  • Grow a rainbow experiment 
  • Raincloud in a jar experiment

Other projects/ activities that children could do

BBC Bitesize have put some great lessons and activities together and have 20 minute daily videos covering Maths, Literacy and Topic. Find them at:

PE - Joe Wicks is doing a ‘live’ PE lesson on his Youtube channel every weekday at 9am- this could be a great way for children to start their day and is something they have done before at school.

Stay safe and have fun!

The Year 3 team.