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Contact Details

Tel: 01296 674175


Year 10 Important Dates

21/11/2019 - Awards Evening, 5-7pm

28/11/2019 - Year 10 Parents' Evening, 4.30-7.30pm 

26/03/2020 - Awards Evening, 5-7pm

11/06/2020 - Year 10 Parents' Evening, 4.30pm - 7.30pm

02/07/2020 - Awards Evening, 5-7pm

The Year 10 Team

Year 10 Achievement Director: Mrs A Lloyd

"Joining year 10 is an exciting yet very important chapter of AVA life. In year 10 our students would have started their GCSE subjects and really start to shape their future. Focus will remain in their attainment and achievement ensuring that they continue to work hard, to not only reach, but surpass their targets. We shall continue to reward students who display excellent behaviour and 100% attendance. This year we will also have the exciting opportunity to explore other possible options for post 16 education and the different career options available after AVA. I'm looking forward to the new academic year and continuing my relationship with this year group"

Contact email for Year 10 -

SLT Link - Miss Gibbs

Pastoral Support - Mrs B Steedman

Year 10 Form Tutors

  • 10 Nobel 1 - Mrs White-Vassell
  • 10 Nobel 2 - Mr Scarlett
  • 10 Nobel 3 - Ms Pinker
  • 10 Faraday 1 - Mrs Jones-Rayson
  • 10 Faraday 2 - Ms Kissick
  • 10 Faraday 3 - Ms Senior-Brown
  • 10 Franklin 1 - Mr Verity
  • 10 Franklin 2 - Mr Webb 

Year 10 Subject Overview

This booklet has been collated to give you an overview of every subject examined at Aylesbury Vale Academy. It contains important information on a range of topics such as, how the qualification is assessed, how long the exams are and which exam boards we use etc. The booklet also gives very precise guidance on what to study and how to study giving specific tips on revision strategies, websites that can be used and other resources available to students.

Click here or on the 'Guide' image above.

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