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Year 10  Information 2020/2021

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Contact Details

Tel: 01296 674175

Email: year10enquiries@theacademy.me

Year 10 News

Plans are now well underway for Year 10 to commence the extended school day. Students will be commencing after the Easter Break.  An information letter has been sent to parents (copy here) and students will shortly receive their booklet outlining activities available.

Achievement Director Year 10

Ms S Dutson

"I am delighted that I will be remaining with the year group as they undertake their second year working towards their qualifications. Last year students settled into their new option subjects and as they move through Year 10 they will deepen and embed their knowledge, I am pleased that I will be able to continue this journey with them. The Pastoral Team's focus will be to ensure that all students in Year 10 receive support that allows them to independently reach their full potential and aspirations. We will do this through close liaison with Form Tutor's and Subject Teachers and in discussion with both students and their parent/carers ensuring that our young people have a voice in planning a way forward."

Email: sdutson@theacademy.me

Year 10 Team

Assistant Achievement Director

Mr T Verity: tverity@theacademy.me






Year 10 Pastoral Support

Mrs N Howe: nstreet@theacademy.me

Year 10 Form Tutors

  • 10 Nobel 1 - Miss V Proud
  • 10 Nobel 2 - Miss J Williams
  • 10 Nobel 3 - Miss M Horn
  • 10 Faraday 1 - Mr Duhaney
  • 10 Faraday 2 - Miss Panchal
  • 10 Faraday 3 - Mrs Reid
  • 10 Franklin 1 - Miss Michhiana
  • 10 Franklin 2 - Mr Wakefield
  • 10 Franklin 3 - Mr Williamson

Year 10 Subject Overview

This booklet has been collated to give you an overview of every subject examined at Aylesbury Vale Academy. It contains important information on a range of topics such as, how the qualification is assessed, how long the exams are and which exam boards we use etc. The booklet also gives very precise guidance on what to study and how to study giving specific tips on revision strategies, websites that can be used and other resources available to students.

Click here or on the 'Guide' image above.

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