GCSE Music Trip to the Stables Milton Keynes- Alina Orchestra

On Tuesday 21 February our Year 10 and 11 GCSE Music Students visited the Stables Theatre in Milton Keynes to watch a performance of Baroque and Classical Music by the Alina Orchestra. This was to support their studies for the Concerto Through Time Topic.

Kayleigh E, Year 11, took a huge amount from the experience: “It was an incredibly engaging and informative experience that gave us the chance to see a live orchestra in action, and highlighted the important role each instrument played. We were able to see a harpsichord perform a fantastic cadenza passage playing a series of demisemiquavers! Being able to see each of the instruments live and in action allowed us to really understand how they linked to our course. The conductor was also extremely charismatic and eccentric which made it even more fun. We are incredibly grateful that our teachers gave us the opportunity to see an inspiring group of musicians perform.