MFL Launch New Games Club

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our MFL Games Club, a place where fun meets language learning!

Whether a seasoned board game pro or just getting started, this club is open to all Y7 and Y8 students who want to explore the exciting world of games while practising French and Spanish. 

The club takes place every Tuesday from 3pm to 4pm and includes:

  1. Language Fun: Immerse in the thrill of board games, card games, or online games, all while conversing in French and Spanish. It's a fantastic way to make language learning an exciting adventure! 
  2. Friends and Laughter: Bring friends along or come solo – either way, a sure way to make new friends and share lots of laughs. It's a welcoming space for everyone. 
  3. Brain Boost: Did you know that playing games can enhance cognitive skills? Challenge the mind while having a great time! 

So, encourage your child to mark their calendar and join the club in Room C0-01-13 for an hour of pure language and gaming delight every Tuesday afternoon.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop by our MFL department or reach out to or