Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Update

This term, Duke of Edinburgh Silver students have all had their individual progress meeting with a member of DofE staff to check in on their progress, and we are currently going through the same process with our Bronze students (which there are so many of) over the next few weeks.

Bronze students have received training this week on how to do this and Silver students will be well practised in this from last year. It is these assessor reports which will gain ‘DofE'ers’ their awards so please help us in reminding your child to upload these.

Key DofE Staff Contacts
As our DofE offer continues to expand year on year, we are now pleased to have a
team of staff who each volunteer in different aspects of the DofE Delivery.
For support or questions on DofE delivery, eDofE or volunteering, physical and skills
opportunities please contact:

For support or questions on DofE expeditions, please contact the relevant Expedition Supervisor for Bronze (Year 9) or Silver (Y1ears 10 and 11):

Key DofE Dates
We are looking forward to a busy summer of expeditions. Letters will be coming out over the next week with further information, but in the meantime please calendar in the following dates:

Silver: Friday 21 April 1.30pm – 5.30pm - Practice Navigation Walk in the local area; and Thursday 22 June to Saturday 24 June - Silver Qualifying Expedition  (Cotswolds).
Bronze: Friday 12 May (after school) to Saturday 13 May - Bronze Practice Expedition (Ivinghoe); and Friday 16 June to Saturday 17 June - Bronze Qualifying Expedition (Chilterns).