2018 GCSE Results - make AVA History!

GCSE Results Meet National Averages - 1st Time in 8 Year History.

GCSE Results confirmed and published by the DFE places the Aylesbury Vale Academy in line with the national average for student performance for the first time in the Academy’s eight year history.

The English department sustained their excellent results from the previous year while the Science department continues to enjoy a year on year improvement despite the introduction of the new, harder, Science qualifications.  The Maths department saw a significant improvement in their results with students performing as well as other Year 11s nationally.

Dramatic improvements were also seen in the Geography and History departments where the pass rate improved by almost 20%. However, even greater improvements were seen in the Music and Spanish departments who saw pass rates improve by 28% and 30% respectively and the Computer Science department where pass rates improved by over 40%. Excellent results were also seen in Business Studies and Performing Arts where over 90% of students achieved a strong pass.

The year on year trend of improvement mirrors the significant increases in the quality of teaching and learning, behaviour and attitudes to learning in the Academy. Staff and Governors have contributed massively to the marked turnaround at AVA and the school is enjoying an unprecedented period of rapid and sustained school improvement enhancing the life chances of all the pupils.