Anti-Bullying Week

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors get together for a week of activities raising awareness.

In Aylesbury Vale Academy we have Anti-Bullying Ambassadors who are upstanders for bullying and as a team they work together to try to tackle bullying. During w/c 12th November 2018 AVA Anti-Bullying Ambassadors got together to promote anti-bullying awareness through various activities throughout the week. 

The following article was written by two of our ambassadors. 

Anti-Bullying Week

By Alishba & Alexandra

Odd Sock Day

On Monday 12th November 2018 we held Odd Sock day in Aylesbury Vale Academy both Secondary and Primary in which we had to come to school wearing odd socks and had to give in a pound for the Anti-Bullying Alliance. Throughout the whole week, in the Secondary we also sold Anti-Bullying wristbands. It was a tremendous success. We raised over £300 for the charity. 

Anti-Bullying Poster Competition

During tutor times we took part in special activities– for example year 8 and 9 had an Anti-Bullying poster competition. Each tutor group made an Anti-Bullying pledge to be displayed around school.


On Thursday 15thNovember 2018 the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors split up into 2 groups and delivered assemblies, one of the groups did an assembly to the Primary years 1,2 & 3 and the other group did 4,5 & 6. They were very excited and really enjoyed it.

On Friday 16thNovember 2018 we presented an Anti-Bullying assembly to our year 7s in Aylesbury Vale Academy and it was amazing. We shared our knowledge hoping that if they see bullying, they will stand up to it and know what to do.