Aylesbury Vale Academy Shines in Latest Ofsted Report

Aylesbury Vale Academy proudly retains its 'Good' rating following a rigorous Ofsted inspection in May 2024.

The inspection highlighted a joyful learning environment, strong student support, high ambitions, effective SEND assistance, and excellent performance in national exams. The school's robust curriculum and careers education also received praise. This achievement, under the stricter new Ofsted criteria, showcases the dedication of the entire AVA community.

Key findings include:

  • Pupils enjoy school, are polite, and conduct themselves well.
  • Staff are supportive and attentive to pupils' needs.
  • The school is ambitious for all pupils' success.
  • Effective support is provided for pupils with SEND.
  • Engaging curriculum and experiences are offered.
  • Phonics teaching is precise and helps early and weaker readers.
  • Pupils perform well in national tests and exams.
  • Strong careers education fosters a culture of ambition.

The Academy has maintained its 'Good' rating, a notable achievement given the stricter criteria of the current Ofsted framework compared to the previous inspection in 2019. The principal expressed pride in the staff, students, governors, parents, and carers for their collective efforts in making the school a supportive and successful learning environment.

This report affirms the quality of education and care provided by the Aylesbury Vale Academy, reassuring parents and carers of their children's well-being and academic growth.

To view the full report click here.