You have been refused a school place because there are more applicants than places available. Places have been allocated prioritising applicants according to the Academy’s oversubscription criteria.

If you are refused a school place, you can appeal to Buckinghamshire County Council against the decision. Click here to access a guide for parents and guardians to making a school admission appeal,

The Appeal Panel will consider if your reasons for wanting the school place are stronger than the school's argument that the admission of the extra child would cause harm to the education of the existing pupils. You will need to provide very strong educational, social or medical reasons for wanting a place at this school, supported by evidence.

Your appeal is unlikely to be successful if:

  • you live outside of the school’s catchment area, or
  • you want the school place because it would be more convenient for your work or family, or
  • you have been allocated another school place at a reasonable distance from your home.

When to appeal

For 2024 normal admission rounds:

 School Appeals Timetable

For all in-year appeals, the deadline for lodging an appeal is 20 school days from the date of the admission decision.

How to appeal

 Click on the following - How to make your appeal (Buckinghamshire Council)

Local Government Ombudsman information leaflet can be found here - LGO Appeals Information.