Sixth Form Curriculum

Our curriculum is built around a core of respected academic A-Levels, BTEC and T level qualifications, supplemented by a diverse and engaging enrichment programme. 

The AVA Sixth Form has high aspirations for all its students. Our Sixth Form teachers are specialist in their subjects with excellent industry and teaching experience. Our teachers plan challenging lessons that allow students to explore the subject matter in depth. To further support our students, and develop independent study skills, they provide bespoke resources such as lesson handouts, textbooks and revision guides. Through expert teaching, guidance and support, our teachers equip students with skills necessary to succeed in life and ensure they achieve the best in their exams.

During their Independent Study Periods, students can work in the Sixth Form study area, or teaching areas, as well as having access to the Library. The Year 12 Induction Programme prepares students with the study skills required for the next stage of their learning.

Our Facilities

We offer a warm, vibrant and friendly environment at our Sixth Form and work relentlessly to support and guide students in their academic and personal development. Study takes place in a modern learning environment and the students benefit from having modern state-of-the-art classrooms and a study area for their exclusive use. We ensure that every student is issued a laptop for their independent work. We also have a gym which is available for the Sixth Form students’ use. 


To prepare our students for life beyond Sixth Form we have an excellent careers programme where students explore the wide variety of university degrees, apprenticeships and opportunities that are available to them. Students use online platforms such as Unifrog and Compass + to help them with their research and understanding, supporting them to make their individual choices. Each student is given one-to-one assistance with their applications while being supported pastorally to ensure they make the best choices for their future. 

We also have a monthly newsletter that promotes exciting work experience opportunities and virtual talks for pupils to engage with young professionals from a range of contexts. This, combined with our Sixth Form pastoral team and tutors, helps guide our students through their career development.