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About Us

We aim to develop enquiring Global Citizens who are able to utilise the skills and knowledge they have acquired in their Geography lessons in the world beyond school.  Geography is at the forefront of global issues: Climate Change, Hazards, Migration, Superpower Countries, Development are all topics that are covered in the Geography syllabus, and are also daily discussed politically in governments, and socially in the Media and on Social Media. 

It is not only the topic content that makes Geography the best subject on this earth:  there are a broad range of skills that students need to utilise.  These include numeracy, literacy and ICT based skills.  The way in which the topics are assessed enables students to develop their Geographical knowledge and skills and to make four levels of progress whilst at the Aylesbury Vale Academy.

We are an experienced expanding department.  Please enjoy reading through information on the team, and on topic content at varying key stages.  

The Geography Team

Curriculum Leader: Mrs A Smyth 

 "Topical global issues such as refugees and migration, extreme weather, climate change and reducing poverty are why Geography is so important.  Our subject also teaches about differences between places and cultures and reasons for this.  Through lessons I hope to inspire students to want to find out about different regions of the world and, hopefully, go and see some of the landscapes and places we focus on.  Whenever I get the chance I try to see a new part of the world, whether in the UK or in a different country; I hope to enthuse students by using real examples within lessons."

Assistant Principal/Teacher of Geography: Mrs K Briggs 

 "Geography is the most important subject on Earth and it covers such a wide variety of disciplines which should appeal to every student.  It covers all areas of the curriculum and the skills used when learning the subject give a broad base of skills for life.  The opportunities that students have outside of the classroom in order to further develop and stretch their minds is really important to me; Geography is all around and cannot be solely taught in a classroom environment.  Students need to experience the bigger picture as well as be taught about its origins.  I love to travel and I use my experiences to enhance learning.

Teacher of Geography: Miss U Mehmeti 

"I studied Geography at the University of Birmingham and completed my PGCE at the University of Oxford. I enjoyed my time throughout school and have always had a passion for learning. Geography allows our students to understand the wider world and how our planet is constantly changing. My philosophy is work hard, try your best and have fun! Outside of teaching I enjoy travelling, being outside and movies."

Teacher of Geography: Mr B Williamson 

"I graduated from Waterloo University with a degree in Geography and Environment  Studies in 2006.  After working with children for 4 years in Canada, I decided to pursue a career in teaching and completed my PGCE at Strathclyde University.  I have taught in three other schools in England since. Not only am I passionate about teaching Geography, I also recognise the importance of education in improving a student’s life regardless of the area you live in or the school you attend. 

Away from school, I enjoy rollerblading, golfing, playing hockey and camping trips with my family and friends. When I have time, I really like to paint landscapes and do crafts with my nieces and nephews."


Key Stage 3

Within Key Stage 3 students will follow a course in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum. It will build upon and extend knowledge, understanding and skills introduced at primary school. This will be applied to further study at GCSE and A level.

Year 9

Key Stage 4

Extra Curricular

Geography is a subject which cannot just be taught in a classroom.  Many of the levelled assessments that students take at KS3 will be based out of class to enable students to experience ‘Living Geography’.

We are introducing a Geography week in the summer term, which will aim to see how Geography takes a lead in all other curriculum areas.  There will be the chance for students to complete mini enquiries, quizzes and win prizes during this week.

As part of the KS4 curriculum, students have to take part in two field trips: one based on Human Geography and the other on Physical.  These will be out of school and students sit a GCSE examination worth 25% of their final grade based on these.  These trips are a compulsory part of the course.

In Geography we have 'Geography Ambassadors' who are volunteer students who help out with open evenings, suggest and take part in exclusive trips and rewards and get to wear special badges! There are 3 levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold) depending how involved you want to be.

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